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#1 SEO Result = New Office & Employees

Directive Consulting has been great to work with. They really helped us get our SEO in order and get us up in the rankings. Being #1 for our search term has really driven us new opportunities.

Rhett Molitor

Cofounder, Basis 365


Basis 365 came to us doing pretty well in the search engines and ranking in the top ten for their primary keyword: “outsourced accounting”. We worked with them to create a custom SEO and content strategy that could help position them in the number 1 position for a term that was already driving them qualified leads.

Before engaging with us, they also had a more difficult lead submission process that was cluttered with multiple form options. Furthermore, their design did not clearly encourage vertical scrolling resulting in a less than desirable bounce rate.



What We Did:

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Creation & Promotion

The Results:

  • 99.75% Increase in Sessions
  • 137.53% Increase in Users
  • -40.75% Decrease in Bounce Rate

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Since engaging in August 2014, we have ranked them #1 nationally for their primary keyword: “outsourced accounting”. In addition, we have broken into the top ten nationally for relevant searches such as: “outsourced bookkeeping”.

Our efforts combined with their terrific sales and product offering has positioned them to hire new employees, move to a larger office, and increase top line revenue.


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