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Advertising is a fast-paced, ongoing, evolutionary industry that never stops growing. Consumers are always looking for the next best thing and businesses are forced to keep up with that in their methods for reaching their customers. Just when it seems as though the world is settling into one style of communication and advertising, the industry evolves into something else, something bigger and more complex. Businesses are then forced to hop on board and figure it out as quickly as possible, taking them away from focusing on running their business. At Directive Consulting, we consider ourselves a 21st Century Advertising Agency in Orange County, CA that prides ourselves on being experts on digital marketing, one of the largest components of advertising today. We are dedicated to staying on top of “the next big thing” in advertising so that you don’t have to. We are here to give you time to focus your efforts on what is most important to you, providing your unique service to your customers, while we figure out how to get you more customers. Digital Marketing is a new aspect of the advertising world that everyone is still learning and adjusting to as it continues to grow and add more features to its grand complexity. Up until recently, the main forms of advertising have been focused on print, television, and radio advertisement. Print, being the oldest form of advertising, second only to “word of mouth,” involves the use of newspapers and magazine advertisements, flyers, and business cards. While these forms of advertisement are not completely obsolete, they are definitely no longer the primary forms of marketing in today’s world. And although television and radio commercials still have valid use in the marketing industry, they are expensive and are no longer the most efficient means of advertising since TV and Radio have taken a backseat to companies like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and Spotify – all internet based media outlets. The evolution of advertising has required businesses to change the game. In order to be top competitors in today’s growing business market, businesses need to have a delicate combination of old, new, and forward-thinking methods of advertising in both the digital and non-digital world. Our 21st Century Orange County Advertising Agency, can help you develop a strategy that grows your business and allows you to be on track in the evolution of marketing and advertising. Directive Consulting can give you the digital presence that truly encompasses the heart of your business.

One of the newest components in the evolution of advertising and more specifically the evolution of digital media is social media. This new asset has allowed businesses to get more direct contact with their consumers, which has been helpful in many areas such as customer satisfaction. Some of the largest social media sites that businesses use for customer traction are Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. While most business owners have grasped the concept of running an effective Facebook page, many of them lack a presence on Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter which are very useful in terms of direct interaction with consumers and potential customers.

At Directive Consulting, one of our priorities in managing your social media is creating and managing Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest Accounts. Although you are probably well-versed on Facebook, you may not be entirely familiar with how Google + and Pinterest can help your business. Because 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, having a Google + page immediately connects them to Search, Maps, and Google + just from their search. With Google +, a user is able to know what the business, what people think about the business, and how to get there all in one click. While Google + makes your business more accessible, Pinterest allows you to gain credibility through a public display of user satisfaction.  Having a Pinterest allows users to “pin” and “repin” products that they may be using from your company so that their followers are able to see and use them themselves. Consumers are more willing to trust other consumers before they trust the word of the business. For this reason, another useful social media component that has recently been born on the evolutionary journey of advertising is the hashtag.  This “#” sign is used by consumers all over the world on Instagram, Twitter, and now even Facebook. While it is often used for social media users to lace their posts in jokes and whit, businesses can use this seemingly silly pound sign to their advantage.


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Unlocking the mystery of the #Hashtag

A Hashtag is when a pound sign (#) is used for topic identification on social media sites and when used properly can be a useful tool for businesses to reach consumers and gain customer loyalty. While hashtags are used frequently for social purposes on many different social media outlets, the hashtag can be most effectively used for businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

On Instagram and Facebook, consumers can hashtag pictures with descriptions of what they are doing or where they are. Many businesses use this to their advantage by encouraging their customers to hashtag the name of their business or a specific promotion that they are having. This way when someone clicks on the hashtag, other users are able to see other people all over the world enjoying your product or service and are more likely to want to use it.

On Twitter, many businesses use this in order to have direct, immediate conversation with their consumers. Although these interactions are typically brief, they are also personal and effective. Because of the hashtag, businesses can keep track of what people are saying about them by looking at all the people that have hashtagged their name. For example, if  @Jessica431 tweets “Just got my carpet cleaned by #FantasticCarpets and they did an amazing job!” Hashtagging the business allows them to see the tweet and @FantasticCarpets could tweet them back saying “We are glad we could be of services to you @Jessica431! We aim to please!” In this instance, @Jessica431, in addition to receiving great carpet cleaning services, now has a memory of a positive and personal interaction with Fantastic Carpets and is more likely to use them again, or refer them to a friend.

These hashtags also make it a lot easier for businesses to see what their customers don’t like and what they would like to see more of. It is also a useful tool for promotions, contests, and community involvement.

Directive Consulting specializes in Social Media Marketing and is able to take your business to the next level in making a bigger and better digital presence regardless of whether it is nonexistence or just needs a little bit of updating. We provide consistent activity on your social media accounts on a weekly basis and foster growing relationships with your customers.

One of the characteristics that consumers value the most is consistency. With so many different social media outlets, it can be difficult to post consistent yet relevant material on all of the various sites but while credibility is what attracts customers, consistency is what keeps them. Many companies fall into the habit of creating social media accounts and neglecting to update them. This can affect your business adversely when consumers or “followers” of your social media accounts realize you’re not posting any content, they consider it useless and unfollow the profile. The content that our Orange County Advertising Agency creates is not only consistent but it is original, innovative, and relevant. We create content specific to your business through our content marketing services posted throughout your social media outlets every week. This content comes in various shapes and sizes including articles, images, and videos pertaining to your business. We make it our goal to post interesting content that consumers want to read about but also encourages them to remain a loyal customer and believe in your product or service. Along with weekly posts, we also carry out consistent customer interaction through comments on various social media accounts.

Along with social media, another fairly new addition on the evolution of digital advertising is application development. Applications, or Apps, can serve as many different tools for the consumer to use depending on what the services or products the business provides. Some business apps have the capability to provide customers with information on sales, specials and give exclusive coupons while other apps are designed to allow users to browse products that your business may be offering. Regardless of the type of business you own, there is definitely a style of Application that your company will benefit from.  When a customer downloads an app to their phone they are showing a sign of customer loyalty. The user is indicating that they use the product so frequently that they would like it to be more readily accessible to them. At Directive Consulting, we take into consideration all of the products and services that your business has to offer and we develop an application that will best serve your type of customer.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is another great tool that we use in order for your business to be well-recognized. While searching for local businesses is old news on the spectrum of the digital advertising evolution spectrum, the science behind SEO is always changing and developing in complexity. At Directive Consulting, our SEO strategies combine small, yet significant tactics in order to get your business the search engine recognition it deserves. In order to ensure the best possible placement on search engine result pages, we use Keyword strategy, link building, content marketing, backend optimization, and local directories. The foundation of SEO is keyword strategy. This simply means that we take the time to do research in order to figure out what keyword combinations consumers are searching in order to find what they need. We then take these keywords and formulate content surrounding your business and that keyword topic. When this is done correctly, keyword strategy drives traffic towards your business’ website and generates customers. In addition to keyword strategy, link building and content marketing has also been proven to be very important in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Coupling with our keyword strategy, our content marketing focuses on creating interesting yet relevant content for your business. Each of our highly qualified writers takes the time to create content that will get positive attention from potential customers.

Because we value your business and your time, one of our SEO services that we provide to you is a free audit of your website. We want to ensure that your website is functioning to the best of its capabilities and that it is fully optimized and user friendly. After we discover what kind of assistance your website needs, using Backend Optimization, we look into improving features such as sitemap and website loading time which if not functioning well can have an adverse effect on your user experience and inevitably your customer satisfaction.

In order to give your website the best chance of being discovered by the average user we utilize local directories to make sure that when people are searching for a product or service your name does not only come up on only one directory, but several. We list and manage your company on 44 local directory profiles including Google Places, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, Foursquare. Being listed on multiple directories not only increases the chances of your business being discovered, but also enhances credibility.

At Directive Consulting, we want your business to stay ahead of the curve in terms of your marketing. The advertising industry is constantly evolving, and so are we. We cannot promise you perfection, but we can promise that we will consistently be changing and evolving alongside the advertising industry to ensure you the best possible results for your business. For more information about Directive Consulting and how we can be of service to you please visit us at directiveconsulting.com .

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