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4 Reasons Why Affordable SEO Companies are Lamer than James Franco

4 Reasons Why Affordable SEO Companies are Lamer than James Franco

4 Reasons Why Affordable SEO Companies are Lamer than James Franco

Lets be honest, the Oscars were a nightmare…or at least James Franco was:


But honestly, how do affordable SEO companies have anything to do with James Franco? Well, they both deliver lackluster performances, hurt the prestige of the what they offer, and the reviews of each are pretty similar (see the YouTube comments.)

  1. Quality SEO Companies are not affordable – Performing great SEO takes time. Companies that are great at something are not cheap. Companies that do great SEO are really not cheap. For example, you would not expect Benihanas to be cheap, nor would you expect Filet Mignon from Del Taco. SEO is the same.
  2. Affordable=Less Time – Outsourcing to a hub in India aside, the only way to make SEO truly affordable is to cut the hours put into it. If you are supposed to spend two hours creating a title, how could one even dream of doing the SEO for a company quickly. Quality work, takes quality research and quality execution: all of those things are time-consuming.
  3. The affordable SEO Model is Made for Volume not Success – Huh? Their Model? Volume not success? Exactly!! It is simple math. If your service can significantly increase the revenue generated for a company and you can prove it, why would you not charge the value of the service and no, $250 is not the value of great SEO. For example, here is a great tool that illustrates the point. For this example, let’s analyze the value of SEO for a plumber:
      • Average job = $250
      • Previous calls per day = 20
      • Previous jobs per day = 13
      • Current calls per day after 1 mo. = 28
      • Current jobs per day = 19
      • Conversion rate = 67% (plumbers don’t have to convince someone they need them, just that they’re the right guy)
      • Est. worth of 8 add’l. calls daily = $1,500
      • One month ROI = $45,000 – SEO fees

If an affordable SEO company had a proven track record and could prove something as simple as increasing a local plumbers calls by eight calls per day why would they ever charge $250 a month?

  1. SEO is not an “additional” service – 99.99% of web design companies that “also search engine optimize your website” do not actually search engine optimize your website. It is that simple. They are getting paid to make your website look attractive. They are not getting paid to create your website to make your business more money. While the two are correlated, 99.99% of the time they do not execute purposeful SEO.

Next time you are approached by a cold-calling affordable SEO company or offered SEO services by a web design firm, ask these two simple questions:


    1. Can I have a reference of a company you have done SEO for?   
    2. What are your ROI projections for us from your SEO services and why? 
  • I disagree with this post. Analogies don’t truly explain your point in my opinion. If you’re making an argument that quality SEO companies are not affordable by stating “you would not expect Benihanas to be cheap, nor would you expect Filet Mignon from Del Taco”, I feel you’re doing a disservice to your readers.

    There’s a difference between being affordable and providing a cheap service. Small businesses aren’t typically equipped with big business budgets, but that shouldn’t disqualify them from receiving SEO services.

    I agree that SEO isn’t something that should be done with your eyes closed, but you’re not making a valid argument as to why SEO can’t be affordable.

    • [email protected]

      You raise a valid assertion. However, we are constantly coming across clients who have been lied to or misportrayed what SEO is by what they deem to be an “Affordable SEO Company”.

      I also agree that there is a difference between affordable and cheap. Unfortunately, I believe that the “Affordable” SEO companies do not understand the difference.

      Lastly, SEO takes time. Research takes time. Time is expensive. However, we at, Directive Consulting, work hard to find a solution that fits within our clients budget.

      We appreciate your comments though and as always appreciate further insight as to how Quality SEO can become more Affordable 🙂