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4 Tools Your Business Needed Yesterday

4 Tools Your Business Needed Yesterday

4 Tools Your Business Needed Yesterday

Machines are taking over the world. Just ask Siri…

If you have not moved from denial to utilization you are limiting your capacity to produce value. Below are a few of our favorite tools for streamlining operations and creating value.




Trello provides an excellent way for you and your business to organize operations. We love using it because it allows for simple collaboration. We structure our boards in three columns: To-Do, Doing, Done. Fairly simple, but it allows all the members of our team to stay consistently integrated throughout company operations. The best part…it’s free.

Moz Local Search


Local Search Tools

Can your customers find you online? The tagline sums this tool up. Moz Local Search provides you with a bird’s eye view of your local presence. Furthermore, it analyzes your:

  • Complete Listings
  • Incomplete Listings
  • Inconsistent Listings
  • Duplicate Listings

Long Tail Pro


long tail keyword tool

Long Tail Pro is undoubtedly our favorite tool! We daily use Long Tail Pro for our clients and ourselves. Long Tail Pro allows us to identify rankable words for our content marketing campaigns. Pro tip: Find words in Long Tail Pro with a Keyword Competitiveness of less than 20! The results will blow you away.

Try targeting words with less search volume. They are less competitive. Ranking in the top ten for 20 words each with 10 searches a month is better than ranking on the third page for one keyword that has a thousand searches…


Portent’s Title Maker


Titles for seo

Struggling with writer’s block? Portent has created an amazing tool that provides you with catchy title options that are guaranteed to jump-start your creative juices and boost your click-through rates. While impressions are nice, clicks are king.


What are Your Favorite Tools?

Let us know in the comments!