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by: Clair Wyatt

In the ever-changing Internet marketing world we live in, being on top of the game is required.

People hired to work in this profession got hired because of knowledge, experience and the ability to stay current with what’s going on. They’re hired to do the job and successful brands allow Internet marketers do their jobs.

These 6 points need to be known, acknowledged and accepted by people running Internet marketing campaigns, along with decision makers.

When ignored, things fail.


In order to get a solid online presence, being able to adapt to constant changes and new platforms is needed. Not only do the individuals performing the Internet marketing need to adapt, but decision makers must adapt as well.


Often times, there is a misperception that when your brand joins a social network or your latest blog entry is on Google, you’ll get instant connections and business.

On the contrary, it takes time to build your following in Internet marketing. Learning the audience, what they like and what they react too takes time. Being constant in sending your message and engaging with your audience can take a while, but be consistent and power through!


Internet marketing is one big continuous experiment. New platforms come… platform features change… the way platforms operate change… audiences change…Google changes. It’s trial, error, and testing. Once a strategy is in place, something might change and now you’re starting again from square one.

Shake it off and keep fighting the good fight!


Engagement. It makes companies cringe. Why, because they believe it has nothing to do with selling products.

In social media (not “broadcast media”), ask your connections questions, conduct polls, respond to them (even a simple thank you). Be one with your audience.  Your audience, regardless of the industry, wants to feel that you relate and listen to them.

After all, who goes to a dinner party and talks to themselves or religiously watches commercials on DVR?


Analytics tell the success (or failure) story of your Internet marketing campaign. Did you gain or lose connections due to a particular message? Did more people people than normal share your content? Did more people than usual go to your website to inquire about a product or service?

One metric from one channel doesn’t tell the whole story, but multiple metrics through a variety of channels does.


Reliable software is needed to show how your Internet marketing efforts are working. Having web/social/paid advertising/e-mail analytics available, along with contact information for your customers consolidated into one place is essential. Know the resources you have available and utilize them.

Now, with these 6 pointers in mind, you’re on your way to having a robust presence on the Internet.

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