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You will find more than just beautiful beaches, gnarly waves, and celebs out here, Directive’s roots run deep in Orange County. It’s our homebase and where it all began, we are proudly Orange County’s #1 digital marketing agency. Providing best in class SEO, PPC, CRO, content marketing and paid social. We were here before it was cool- Irvine, Southern California’s up and coming corporate headquarter hub.

Localized Portfolio, National Expertise

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Total Phase
During the last month, I received 20,000 organic visits, which is 15% better than any other month before that. On the pay per click side, the cost per conversion has been driven down by well over 50%. I think that this is quite remarkable and due to Directive's work. I now need to reallocate those funds to even more of the same work. My aim is not to save money, but to get more sales.

How we Work

Blended Approach to SEO, PPC, & Content.

At Directive, we believe that SEO, PPC, and Content should not operate in silos, but instead function as comprehensive integrated campaigns. It's time we start thinking about Share of SERP.

Search Engine Optimization

From local SEO to national campaigns, we want to take a measurable approach to our efforts. We work on a daily model of growing your campaigns closer to perfect. Our recipe for success is not earth shattering, but it’s thoroughness sets it apart.

See The Recipe
  • Audit competitors
  • Analyze current rankings
  • Interview account for business objectives
  • Create analytics model for testing progress
  • Perform technical SEO project
  • Build content marketing strategy
  • Mine high profile link opportunities
  • Track, report, and improve on progress
  • Rinse and repeat
How we work

Pay Per Click Management

From eCommerce to lead gen advertising campaigns, we take our time to build the right campaigns, ad groups, and copy to make a difference and raise your CTR’s. Once we have a greater market share, our focus turns to decreasing your CPA so that you can choose to reinvest your budget or pivot to other marketing channels.

See The Recipe
  • Audit competitors
  • Analyze account architecture
  • Interview client for business objective
  • Perform detailed keyword research
  • Redo campaigns
  • Organize ad groups
  • Re-write ad copy to interrupt searcher
  • Build custom landing pages
  • Monitor and improve campaigns

Content Marketing

Content marketing is king. It’s what both users and search engines read. It’s critical that you are able to properly communicate with your target market and demonstrate why your business is exponentially better or more unique.

See The Recipe
  • Craft a plan
  • Identify your target audience and personas
  • Begin to tell your story
  • Identify the proper marketing channels
  • Create the perfect content for your audience
  • Promote the content to the right users
  • Measure, report, and improve

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