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We know it’s quite a claim, but our results speak volumes.


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Directive Consulting’s great with delivering consistent measurements of their marketing campaigns. I like how they perform better than other marketing agencies I have used and constantly show measurable progress. They are actually honest and transparent because they have true results to prove progress.

President, Large Vinyl Product Company

Before we began working with them, the website had about 10,000 visits per months. After we started, from August 20 until today [December 2015], we’ve had an extra 20,000 views. This is just for the general website visitors. Repeat visitors are around 40 percent, and we attribute them to the digital marketing they put in. One thing I love about them is communication. They’re always there, regardless if I have to call, text, or email them. I mainly deal with Garrett and Tanner. I like their structuring, from ownership and managers, to the programmers, content generators, and so on. Everything’s communicated easily and thoroughly. They’re updating me every week. If I’m MIA, they’ll follow up and ask what happened to this or that.

Owner, Large eCommerce Retailer

Our advertising budget used to be $30,000 a month, not including Facebook, content marketing, or any local directories. Since we started working with them, we’ve reduced our budget by almost $10,000, but are getting many more leads. We spend about $20,000 currently and get a fantastic ROI.

Director of Marketing, Multi-Location Service Business

Choosing a digital marketing agency in Orange County is no easy task. We want you to do your market research, audit competitors, and ask the tough questions. In the meantime, we’d like to give you a little more information about us. We take a slightly different approach then a lot of our competitors when it comes to SEO, PPC, and Content.

You see, we are specialists. We don’t do any and every aspect of digital marketing. Now, do we know how all of your digital marketing channels interact and affect each other? Absolutely.

What sets us apart as an OC SEO company is that our sole goal is to decrease your cost per acquisition and increase your conversion rate. The tools we use to accomplish this are: search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, paid social media marketing, display advertising, content marketing and conversion rate optimization.

We love working with internal marketing teams. We do everything in our power as SEO experts to make you look like the superstar that you are.


From local SEO to national campaigns, we want to take a measurable approach to our efforts. We work on a daily model of growing your campaigns closer to perfect. Our recipe for success is not earth shattering, but it’s thoroughness set’s it apart. The recipe looks like this:


  • Audit competitors
  • Analyze current rankings
  • Interview account for business objectives
  • Create analytics model for testing progress
  • Perform technical SEO project
  • Build content marketing strategy
  • Mine high profile link opportunities
  • Track, report, and improve on progress
  • Rinse and repeat

From eCommerce to lead gen advertising campaigns, we take our time to build the right campaigns, ad groups, and copy to make a difference and raise your CTR’s. Once we have a greater market share, our focus turns to decreasing your CPA (cost per acquisition) so that you can choose to reinvest your budget or pivot to other marketing channels.


  • Audit competitors
  • Analyze account architecture
  • Interview client for business objective
  • Perform detailed keyword research
  • Redo campaigns
  • Organize ad groups
  • Re-write ad copy to interrupt searcher
  • Build custom landing pages
  • Monitor and improve campaigns

Content marketing is king. It’s what both users and search engines read. It’s critical that you are able to properly communicate with your target market and demonstrate why your business is exponentially better or more unique. To help you accomplish this goal, we take the following approach:


  • Craft a plan
  • Identify your target audience and personas
  • Begin to tell your story
  • Identify the proper marketing channels
  • Create the perfect content for your audience
  • Promote the content to the right users
  • Measure, report, and improve

A Taste of Our Internet Marketing Experience in Orange County, CA

local seo company in orange county 

Why Directive Consulting?

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Orange County, CA.  It requires a succinct understanding of both the consumer and business profile. At Directive Consulting, we understand this because we grew up here. With both partners from Mission Viejo, CA and Dana Point, CA we have experience as both consumers and businessmen. Given this unique experience, we are able to create campaigns and guide Orange County, CA businesses towards their goals.

At Directive Consulting, we value the unique challenges Orange County, CA presents. With this in mind, we are daily innovating unique ways for you to get your message across to the RIGHT person. So often marketing firms will get your message across and send you boated numbers, we understand that numbers don’t matter if they aren’t the right customer and more importantly if they don’t convert. We are about YOUR bottom line. If your interested don’t be afraid to give us a call and prepared to be shocked with a quote you can’t afford not to take.

After helping over 30 Orange County, CA business owners such as yourself reach their digital marketing goals, we are convinced that we have what it takes to rank your business. Look, we get it. We even get approached by digital marketing agencies and SEO companies that say they can rank us on the first page. We take a little different approach here at Directive Consulting.

We believe that good marketing and SEO is reliant upon building an immaculate web architecture, amazing conversion rate optimization, and consistent analyzing/reporting. Rankings don’t come easy. They come with time. By evaluating your domain authority and page authority amongst many other factors, we are able to project rankings and effectively influence them. We are excited to chat with you figure out your goals and eventually exceed them.

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