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Using Blog Traffic Analysis to Turn Blog Visitors into Subscribers

Using Blog Traffic Analysis to Turn Blog Visitors into Subscribers

Using Blog Traffic Analysis to Turn Blog Visitors into Subscribers

You’ve created a great blog with great content. Your blog traffic analysis tells you that your online viewership is decent yet inconsistent. This lack of regularity troubles you. Furthermore, you can’t help but notice that your subscription numbers are a little low. Thus, you come to one conclusion: you need to turn blog visitors into subscribers. An increase in subscribers facilitates the process of repeated viewership and increases traffic consistency. Merely follow some (or all!) of the best practices listed below to increase your odds of maintaining a successful blog.

Turn Blog Visitors into Subscribers through Simplicity

In a technological age of increasing convenience, making people work more than they need to is a definite turn off. Consequently, through careful blog traffic analysis make sure your blog subscription option is placed very near the top of the page in plain sight. Furthermore, in case a reader has read your entire entry and enjoyed it, place one more very near to the bottom. This makes sure your readers are aware of the option to subscribe and prevents them from having to scroll up to look for it.

Additionally, having a landing page specifically designated for subscribing is very important. Social media users who follow your social media accounts can then easily subscribe to your blog without having to look very hard for a subscription form.

Turn Blog Visitors into Subscribers through Incentives

Some other best practices include incentivizing the blog subscription process. That is, offer some sort of free digital award like an e-book if a user subscribes. This makes the time it takes to subscribe worthwhile to a reader.

One other incentive that can be offered through the blog subscription process is premium content. Have some especially interesting content set aside for only those who subscribe. Just emphasize how everything—the subscribing and the content—is free.

Blog Subscribers Require Maintenance 

Of course, once you have subscribers, you will want to keep them. This can be accomplished through a variety of ways. Make sure to not only deliver good content but consistent content as well. Irregular publishing is a surefire way to make some people unsubscribe. Additionally, keep your content up-to-date. Hardly anybody wants to read yesterday’s news. Lastly, make sure your subscribers are given options when it comes to frequency preference. You don’t want to annoy readers with daily notices if they merely want monthly ones.

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