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ATG is a manufacturer of LED lighting, working with distributors and contractors. Founded in 2001 by a group of visionary engineers in California, ATG is one of the most recognized brands in the world for retrofitting conventional lights with LEDs. They pride themselves on delivering great value to their customers, helping save energy, and protecting the environment.

Marketing Goals

ATG began its partnership with Directive in search for more viable leads. However, as the relationship has grown, our relationship with Directive has become more integral as we have realized that - as a company and a business - what we need is more online content and a stronger online presence. We also deal with a lot of technical issues as our servers are located in China. But again, Directive has been impressive with how persistent and consistent they are with handling new opportunities and new problems.

Directive Approach

The initial focus of our campaign as on pay-per-click advertising and organic search optimization - which we are still quite strong in. Currently, we are also asking for creatives because Directive is quite strong at creative content as well as ordinary blog posts. We eventually started having them produce written content and ads for us altogether. We actually interviewed three or four different firms before we went with Directive. But they stood out because they just had, far and away, the best customer service - and their systems were incredibly detailed as far s the checlist they used.


We’ve seen a lot of growth from what Directive has been doing. The majority of the leads we generate are over the phone. From Directive’s work alone we’ve seen an increase by at least 20% in the number of phone leads we’ve generated. Their service has been really excellent. They’re constantly going back and improving the work they’ve done, which is pretty cool to see. We were also impressed to see how constantly they were revamping their own processes to improve themselves and better serve our campaign. It’s clear they really work well together.


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