Introducing multi-step lead forms slashes cost-per-lead by 65%

Introducing multi-step lead forms slashes cost-per-lead by 65%

Client Overview

eSUB is a provider of cloud-based construction project management software that’s designed to streamline field-to-office communication. The platform helps subcontractors in the construction industry manage timecards, daily reports, information requests, purchase orders, and other corporate documents.


Growth in organic traffic, YoY


Decrease in cost-per-lead


Increase in online leads

The challenge

Previously, the team at eSUB had worked with different search marketing shops but they weren’t seeing a solid return on investment (ROI). 

They approached Directive to revamp their entire digital approach — everything from SEO and content to paid search and conversion rate optimization. The overarching marketing goal was to drive leads and grow sales pipeline.

The strategy

A full overhaul of eSUB’s digital presence was a massive undertaking with many moving parts, but the Directive team was up for the challenge.

To turn the website into a pipeline generating machine, we knew we had to develop a comprehensive search marketing strategy that left no stone unturned. This would require combining our PPC expertise with an SEO-driven content strategy to bring qualified traffic to the site.

The final piece? Optimizing eSUB’s core landing pages to turn that traffic into conversions.

Here’s how we did it.

Produce fresh content with new keywords

To kick off our efforts, we began with a clean sweep of eSUB’s existing keyword strategy. 

The first step was to run a competitive analysis of the search landscape. This allowed us to build out a lengthy list of keywords and zero in on the ones that we wanted to target as part of our content strategy. 

Armed with fresh keywords, we sought out to write 25 SEO-focused blogs per month that would fuel organic traffic growth.

Switch up the CTA offer

After doing a deep dive into the traffic data, we found that one primary landing page was getting a significant number of visitors. This particular page featured a video on it that was ungated.

As a way to capture some of this traffic, we decided to run an experiment and gate the video. To match the theme of the page, we also updated existing PPC ad copy to reflect the new offering by changing it from “Demo Request” to “Watch Demo Video.”

Introduce a multi-step lead form

In addition to changing the offer, we noticed that the lead form could also use some work. The existing form included required fields for first name, last name, phone, email, company, country, and the name of the product the user is interested in. Asking for this much personal information all at once can be off-putting to prospective customers. 

As a way to make the form less overwhelming without sacrificing lead data, we changed the format from a single to a multi-step form. This small change increased conversions almost instantly.

By simply gating content, changing the offer, and experimenting with a new lead form, we were able to generate ROI from PPC ads — a first for eSUB.

The results speak for themselves

Through working with Directive, the team at eSUB was successful at hitting and exceeding their marketing goals.

When looking at organic traffic specifically, our content and SEO activities directly resulted in a 756% increase in organic traffic, YoY.

The north star metric for our partnership was number of leads. We blew this goal out of the water. Through a combination of CRO, SEO, and PPC, we were able to increase total online leads by 71% and decrease cost-per-lead by 65%.

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