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Over the last month, we’ve reached new levels of organic traffic on our website, and we’re starting to see higher conversion rates from our pay-per-click and landing page efforts.

Tyler Riddel
VP of Marketing

eSUB Construction Software is a cloud-based project management software-as-a-service company specializing in software apps that streamline field-to-office communication. They help subcontractors in the construction industry manage time-cards, daily reports, information requests, annotated image sharing, and corporate reporting.

The Challenge

eSUB, a Cloud-Based Project Management Software, had worked with other small, one-man shops before which had some experience in SEO and PPC. But they weren’t generating a solid return on investment. They approached Directive to revamp their entire digital approach – starting from the very beginning in building a keyword strategy.

The Solution: Change the Offer

By looking in analytics, we were able to see that the Daily Reports Software page was getting quite a bit of traffic and was converting for a demo offer. Users were coming to the page because of our Meta Title that included “Watch Free Demo Video”. Since there was interest in the demo, we changed the above fold CTA from “View Testimonial” to “Watch Demo Video”. This sent users to a 2 step form
for the demo. The idea was that users looking for the daily report’s video were nurtured further down the funnel and these were likely the users that would be more willing to sign up for a Demo after we gave them the “Daily Reports Video”.

Part 2: Use Multi-Step Forms

Changing the offer increased conversion rates by 140% in just one month, but we didn’t stop there. eSUB’s forms were asking for first name, last name, phone, email, company, and country, and the product interested in. This form is asking for a lot of personal information upfront and so it was turning quite a few users away.

In our research, we’ve found that people are more likely to finish something they’ve started. This is called “compliance psychology.” By using compliance psychology backed by data, we were able to turn the one-step form into a multi-form as to not make the form seem so overwhelming.

When we moved eSUB’s form to a multi-step form, this increased conversions almost immediately. After a month of being live, we saw an increase in sign up for demos by over 30% month over month.



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