Service:Keyword Research, SEO, PPC, Content
Industry:Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
eSUB Construction Software is a cloud-based project management software-as-a-service company specializing in software apps that streamline field-to-office communication. They help subcontractors in the construction industry manage time-cards, daily reports, information requests, annotated image sharing, and corporate reporting.

Marketing Goals

eSUB had worked with other small, one-man shops before which had some experience in SEO and PPC. But they weren't generating a solid return on investment. They approached Directive Consulting to revamp their entire digital approach - starting from the very beginning in building a keyword strategy.

Directive Approach

We optimized their most profitable pages by targeting keywords that were further along in the buyer's journey. From there, we built backlinks to build page authority and increase rankings. We used third-person ad copy to increase conversions from paid ads and decrease the perception of self-promotional advertisements. By increasing their digital presence via advanced retargeting campaigns, we were able to earn a 1:1 ROI, generating drastic sales growth.


"In the first 30 days of our collaboration, we gave Directive an audit project through which they were tasked with identifying the opportunities for improving our website, as well as keyword and content strategy. Directive looked at what type of content would push up our organic ranking. From there, we carved out different responsibilities between our own team and Directive’s. The results have been very positive. Over the last month, we’ve reached new levels of organic traffic on our website, and we’re starting to see higher conversion rates from our pay-per-click and landing page efforts. We’ve also closed a deal with on business as a result of increasing our rankings on our 2 landing pages. In terms of organic results, we’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time during last month. It was a 20-30% increase which results in more business. From a marketing standpoint, we’re exceeding our numbers." - Tyler Riddell, Director of Marketing


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