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Industry:Tech Hardware
GPS Trackit is a sub-company of Global Tracking Communications. Inc. We own, write, and operate our own software aimed at providing ways to optimize business. Our hardware and software are designed to streamline fleet management and GPS tracking for delivery and distribution businesses looking for a more granular picture of their drivers and routes.

Marketing Goals

Our main challenge was building a competitive business in the field, using a limited budget. Some of our competitors are big corporations, so we need to be creative in terms of marketing endeavors and spending. It was very important to us that Directive’s strategies emphasized increasing actual revenue and leads for our business - returns are not only necessary, but vital for a growing business on a limited budget.

Directive Approach

Directive Consulting has helped us with the SEO profile of the company, as well as with content marketing and pay-per-click advertising. We try to separate ourselves from competitors by creating a consultancy image for the company. The marketing spend is driven towards our online presence and brand identity. Directive helped with backlinking, on-site and off-site SEO, cleaned up our website code, and created custom landing pages supporting social media campaigns. Directive Consulting has tracked our conversions and worked on improving our general digital profile moving forward as well.


There have been more conversions on the pay-per-click campaigns that Directive manages, so we are happy so far. Outside of conversions, we have seen an increase in our ROI given by our landing pages. Our ranking has been increasing steadily after the site launch, which was surprising to us. Usually, at this point in the relationship with an SEO company, there comes a period of excuses and requests to wait for 3 months before seeing any kinds of results. Directive Consulting has handled backlinking behind-the-scenes and worked on our pay-per-click campaign, optimizing our keywords and moving the budget around. They have been great in terms of communication. This made a significant difference.  

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Directive is a comprehensive search marketing agency dedicated to running the most innovative search campaigns for ROI-driven B2B firms across a variety of industries.

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