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Solid Foundations Generation 105% Increase in ROI with More on the Horizon

Client Overview

Swoogo is a premier Event Management platform that allows its users to both grow their attendance base and manage it better. Swoogo offers features to help with robust registration, attendee tracking, and even automated marketing tools to help improve follow ups. Swoogo’s integrations and event marketing platform allows any marketer or corporate events manager to make the most of every event, regardless if it’s digital or in person.

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Increase in Qualified Opportunities


Revenue generated in Q2 of 2022


Increase in ROI QoQ

The Challenge

Swoogo is a relatively young company in a highly saturated market – event management software and services. Entering into such a saturated market meant that Swoogo had to make a big play to take up valuable market share.

Their goals reflected this as well – setting the high benchmark to generate $13 million in pipeline revenue during 2022 (a 106% increase YoY).

Directive was tasked with taking up a significant bulk of this revenue goal with channels that proved both fast growing – and sustainable with a strong Customer Lifetime Value to Customer  Acquisition Cost ratio (LTV:CAC).

The Strategy

Directive’s goal was to set solid foundations across all channels of Swoogo’s paid media strategy. This provides the cleanest picture of where value is truly being generated and lost.

And, where best to optimize the LTV:CAC of any given channel. By prioritizing high-intent traffic first, with an emphasis on efficiency, Directive was able to generate massive Pipeline ROI for Swoogo while continuing to build their paid media foundations.

Google Ads and Google Bidding Optimizations

Directive’s optimization of Swoogo’s campaign started off with a comprehensive account restructure that focused on high return keywords that still had high search volume. In order to maximize returns without burning through the budget, Directive used Target CPA bidding to ensure each campaign was on track within the account. In order to drive more immediate revenue, Directive leveraged responsive search ads across Google campaigns to pull from an already engaged lead pool.

LinkedIn Targeting & Landing Page Optimization

One of Swoogo’s distinguishing features is the casual and familiar tone they use in their copy across the site. Directive leaned into this casual copy across their landing page optimizations to see some significant bumps in conversion rate. To double down on these wins, Directive also leveraged LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities to scale up the ad audience with confidence.

Category-Specific Capterra Bidding Strategy

Looking to take up SERP market share where it mattered most, Directive knew that leveraging review and directory sites would also help build Swoogo’s authority while growing traffic at the same time. However, occasionally LTC:CAC can be distorted when the cost for certain directory listings are too high. In order to fix this common pain point, Directive focused on category-specific Capterra bidding and used a proxy cost per lead based on historical conversion data as a target smart bidding goal.

The Results

In terms of great starts, Directive was able to put Swoogo well ahead of the rest of the competition. All of the disparate channels within Directive’s paid media strategy generated a healthy LTV:CAC ratio over 3, with an overall average of 4.08. With such significant – and steady pipeline growth, and with such a strong LTV:CAC to boast on top of it, there is only promising growth for Swoogo’s growth. In fact, their heightened LTV:CAC from paid actually points to the opportunity for even more growth from further investment – which seems like an easy decision given the massive 105% ROI Directive’s strategy is generating QoQ.

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