Service:Strategy, SEO, PPC, Content
Industry:Electrical Manufacturing
Total Phase manufactures test and measurement equipment, namely devices that monitor signals on wired protocol buses. We work with standards like I2C, USB, and others. These are things that a normal, everyday consumer wouldn’t know about, even though they’re found in everyday life. We sell our products to electrical engineers. Our market is highly technical, with maybe only one million people worldwide.

Marketing Goals

We wanted to improve our natural conversion rate on paid searches, and also improve the total number of visits to our sites, spending as little money as possible in the process.

Directive Approach

The process with Directive started off with a comprehensive review, which took a month. They then agreed upon an action plan. Directive has a breadth of skilled people, including individual specialists for pay per click, SEO, engagement management, blog writing, social media marketing, and initial investment strategy. Directive provides organic SEO and strategy work for us. They also handle our pay per click work, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter advertising. I have a bias with regards to social media expenses based on my past experience, but Directive is trying to convince me otherwise by obtaining results.


The agency we’d worked with in the past gave me the impression that we were being taken for granted. They stopped coming in with new ideas, as opposed to Directive. They come up with a lot of ideas and are willing to tell me if they’re unsure if something will work or not. They’re focused don getting the job done and it’s very easy to get a hold of them. There was never an occasion in which I had to wait for a day or more for a response to an issue. I’m beginning to see preliminary metrics which are showing me that my SEO is way up. During the last month, I received 20,000 organic visits, which is 15% better than any other month before that. One the pay per click side, the cost per conversion has been driven down by well over 50%. I think that this is quite remarkable and due to Directive’s work.    

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