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Don’t Get a Donut Without the Sprinkles! | Tweet for Learning

Don’t Get a Donut Without the Sprinkles! | Tweet for Learning

Forget about Marketing…Learn

Only sharing articles on twitter is like getting a donut without the sprinkles. Sounds pretty tasteless. Instead, tweet for Learning. Without harnessing twitter for its educational power,  your donut will lack the most important ingredient: the sprinkles.

Twitter is littered with geniuses.  Each and every vertical has experts oozing with knowledge. Twitter gives you the power to engage with them. Why wouldn’t you???

By using twitter as a hub for learning before you use it as a marketing tool, you will not only learn more, but you will also build relationships. Learning and building relationships are far more powerful than any other form of marketing.

A simple question allows you to escape from the grasps of “spam” sharing and allows you to shift towards deeply engaging.


Here are some solid examples:

too bad Mr. Cutts did not reply…check the statistics on this learning focused tweet…learning=marketing 

a very pertinent and interesting question…

who said every question had to be serious… 

i don’t think she was fishing for a date…what a great way to network! 

Tools to better understand your following:

A Few Marketing Experts to Engage with: 














in case you are new to the industry (like me) and do not recognize all these names yet, it is safe to say I am bit of a Moz fan…

As I am struggling up the experience curve, I have one firm belief. If you can stop “marketing” and start “learning” relationships will begin to develop. With relationships at the foundation of your marketing efforts, you will begin to harness the power of the Twitter community.

Water your relationship, watch them grow, and remember, tweet for learning 🙂