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Hit Your 2018 Online Marketing Goals With Custom Enterprise Strategies

With so many moving parts within an enterprise level marketing setup, it is nearly impossible to solve improve performance with out of the box solutions. The enterprise team at Directive collaborates with your marketing team to solve complicated online marketing problems and achieve maximum results through custom strategies and solutions.


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Our Approach to Online Enterprise Solutions

Understand Quarterly & Annual Goals
Supporting your internal goals with high performing campaigns is our main objective. We take the time to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve in 2018 so that our strategies and campaigns can get you there.
Perform Competitor Research
With new companies emerging every day and decisions being made quicker than ever, online inbound lead generation has become a quick comparison game. With that, we value analyzing your competition and knowing their marketing just as much as yours.
Develop Multi-Channel Strategy
Showing up in just one or two valuable placements will not get you the results you are looking for. We form a congruent strategy that speaks to your target market during every step of the research and decision making funnel.
Prioritize & Build
Using channel data from our current enterprise portfolio, we prioritize your online marketing setup with the top performing tactics first. This allows you to achieve high performance within as little as 30-days.
Analyze & Adjust Campaigns
Whether it is on-page keywords for SEO or a landing page headline, your campaigns will always be put to the test. Our constant A/B testing approach allows us to improve your performance on a weekly basis.
Track & Report
Using our propriety reporting and analyzing dashboard, our team is able to share with you data that goes far beyond vanity metrics. Outside of your weekly updates, you will have monthly report meetings that take a look at how your marketing impacted your pipeline and revenue generated.

Proven Solutions

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise companies require a robust SEO strategy and implementation plan in order to drive serious results. Our team takes the time to squeeze as much value out of each and every page of your website. Whether it is a top of the funnel resource piece of a bottom of the funnel core page, we make sure you are ranking for the correct terms.

Average increase in organic traffic for our enterprise clients

Enterprise PPC

We provide you with a robust PPC build that directly reflects the investment that you put into your advertising spend. Each channel you advertise in will be pointed to a unique landing page and optimized independently. This allows your advertisement to adapt to where the user is within the buying process.

Enterprise Content

Dominate your vertical with an on-site and guest blogging program. Our team handles content generation, promotion, and guest blogging outreach to make sure your brand increases in relevancy each and every month.

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