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Execute Local Advertising Ideas or be Obsolete

local advertising ideas

Local Advertising Ideas Must be Executed
Local advertising ideas are everywhere, but what will actually work in the digital age? A successful business is difficult to run, however once you start up your business it can be even harder to retain customers and drive traffic to your location. The key, however, with local advertising ideas is that they must be executed!


How do local advertising ideas help your business?

It is simple, take advantage of your location and advertise to those around you. You know that you offer a great product, but no matter how good your product is it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it. The list of local advertising ideas below will allow people to generate awareness for you business. Marketing is all about generating awareness and retaining customers.


Here is a list of eleven cost-efficient and smart local advertising ideas to increase your awareness.


  •  Yelp
    • Yelp is one of the best online directories for showing consumers what is around them. Not only can customers find out what’s around them, but it also tells users how good each business is. It is important to provide detailed information about your business on Yelp. Provide your location, hours of operation, website, phone number, pictures, and any other useful information customers should know about your business. Customers who enjoy your business will write about you and generate great reviews on Yelp, which will make your business more attractive to other consumers.
  • Social Media 
    • Similar to Yelp it is free, and allows for great awareness if used right. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pintrest. Build your social media presence with great pictures and great content. Great content includes what your business is, special deals, and anything that sets you apart from competition. Use content that makes your followers interested and makes your followers want to share your content with their friends.
  • Promotions
    • Provide great deals, to make consumers want to come to your business. Customers are always looking for great deals, by providing special promotions more users will be willing to try your business. Market these promotions through social media or some of the next steps.
  • Radio
    • Advertise on local radio stations and highlight your special deals. Make your local advertising ideas exciting and capture the listener’s ears, fixate them upon the channel.
  • Partnerships
    • Partner with local businesses that may already be established and have a large customer base. For example, a new restaurant can ask a hotel to recommend their restaurant to hotel guests.
  • Magazines/ Newspapers
    • Local magazines and newspapers can be another great place to promote your local advertising ideas. This will capture a wide range of readers.
  • Word of Mouth 
    • Generate loyal customers who tell their friends about your business. In order for a customer to become loyal they need to love everything your company is about and love what you are doing. Make your customers happy so they have reasons to tell their friends about it. Provide exceptional customer service and make sure every customer leaves happy.
  •  Blogs
    • Create blogs to tell users everything going on with your company. Keep them up to date and provide content that is interesting and makes the user want to read it.
  •  Direct Mail
    • Send advertisements directly to local consumers in the mail. These advertisements should contain special deals and promotions. These advertisements should have pictures that portray why customers should come to your business.

These local advertising ideas are simple yet complex to master. It will take time, effort, and resources to master each one. However, if you can capitalize on some of these steps you will realize that your customer base will grow, and your business should begin to take off.