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How to Drive Leads with Content Marketing and SEO | Workshops in Orange County, CA

How to Drive Leads with Content Marketing and SEO | Workshops in Orange County, CA

Join us on the evening of July 21st from 7-8:15pm and learn “How to Drive Leads with Content Marketing and SEO.” There will be light refreshments and time to network or ask questions before and after the workshop!

About the Workshop:

For this week’s free SEO workshop, we will demonstrate how you can employ the power of content.

We will have Garrett Mehrguth, the Owner of Directive Consulting, presenting for the workshop. He’s been featured throughout the digital marketing industry by top publications and is guaranteed to bring some actionable tips and advice.

There is nothing more difficult to execute than exceptional content marketing, but when done properly it is a force to be reckoned with.

The goal of this workshop is for you to feel empowered and prepared to launch a content strategy of your own.

We will dive deeply into the following areas:

• On-page optimization for your content

• Tools for identifying content opportunities

• How to promote your content on Facebook

Nothing will be held back!  Bring a friend and a laptop.

Be prepared to walk away with a greater understanding of the SEO and Content Marketing space.

About Your Instructor:


My name is Garrett Mehrguth, MBA. I am the CEO and Founder of Directive Consulting. I speak throughout OC and LA on digital marketing and SEO. When I am not running Directive Consulting, working on client projects, or playing foosball you can catch me surfing or hanging out with my girlfriend.