Full disclosure, Google is my search engine of choice. But, of the total search population, Google only captures 66% of the market. So what about the other 34%?

Bing and Yahoo.

Respectively, Bing makes up 17% of the market while Yahoo takes 12%. Why does this matter? Because if you are only trying to rank on Google than you have forgotten about 34% of your potential market!

While Google is constantly devaluing the ranking power of “old” SEO techniques…Bing and Yahoo often are not. Based off of primary research and the websites we manage, we have noticed two primary influencers for ranking on Bing and Yahoo.

Ranking on Bing and Yahoo: Influencer #1

On-Page Optimization.

Looking across our websites and their ability to rank on Bing and Yahoo, your ability to optimize the on-page elements of your site will greatly aid your ability to rank. To do this, we focus on the “Vertical.”

How to Rank on Bing and Yahoo

Ranking on Bing and Yahoo: Influencer #2

Domain Name

While Google has been consistently decreasing the value of exact match domains and domains containing your websites primary service or keyword, the same can not be said for Bing and Yahoo.

Within our websites and extensive research, we have noticed a large ranking benefit from domains with URLs containing the keyword or domains with a close/exact match domain.

For example, on Bing and Yahoo for the search term “Thermal Imaging in Pennsylvania” we have ranked a clients website, pennsylvaniathermography.com, 4th on both search engines within weeks.

Another great example is the tripletwohookahlounge.com, we ranked the site #1 on both Bing and Yahoo for its primary keywords “Hookah Glendora” and other variations.

While we are still working to rank these websites on #1 Google, we are confident that we will scale the ranks for our clients. If you are able to optimize your on-page SEO through focusing on the vertical and are able to utilize a URL that correlates to your keyword then you are on the right path for ranking on Bing and Yahoo.

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