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How to Write Content Consistently
Writing and publishing content on a consistent basis is a nightmare for business owners and bloggers alike.

We understand.

It is our goal to publish three posts a week: two blog articles and one evergreen resource. We are not perfectly consistent, but we have been close. Because of this consistency alongside insightful research and great tools we have begun to flex our ranking muscle.

We want you to experience the power of writing content consistency as well. To break the bonds of complacency, it takes a few things: a determined mindset, a firm belief in its future benefits, and a systematic understanding of the consistency process.

Step 1: Create a Calendar

Being consistent is not an accident. Consistency is planned. We can all write one post, but writing three posts a week while running your business is tough…not impossible.  Careful planning and the utilization of a content creation calendar is a necessity.

The calendar should push you but not overwhelm you.  An ill-planned calendar is going to do more damage than good. Make sure that your calendar fits with you. You are the writer. Often times as a business owner and niche blogger you are an expert. Understanding how to write content consistently will position you to capture all the benefits of content marketing.

Step 2: Track Your Progress

Seeing results from your efforts does not happen immediately. It sucks. You write, you refine, you publish…no one reads it and the only comments you ever get look like this:

spammy comments

Stay strong. It will turn around.

Once things start coming together, understanding how your consistent content creation has affected your business is fun and important. We love using Google analytics for this. Here is a guide that will help you get started.

Step 3: Perform Great Research 

Before starting Directive Consulting I ran a blog on soccer. It never took off.


It was not because we weren’t consistent. We posted an article every day for 4 months. We had a decent social presence…it didn’t matter.

We didn’t have the secret ingredient.

We did not have tools for proper market research.  Excellent keyword market research paired with intuitive intellect is the difference. Now, we spend just as much time researching keywords as we do writing. The result, we write more consistently.

Consistency is directly correlated to market research? Yes! How many times will you try to surf if you never stand up? If you do not perform great research you will not rank. It is simple. Nevertheless, if you are able to consistently identify long tail content you will drive traffic to your site.

In Conclusion…

Writing consistently is just the tip of the iceberg (yes, we know icebergs are an overused analogy.) Traffic allows for monetization. You have a product or service you want to push to your readers? Writing consistently positions you to do just that.

May the force of consistency be with you.

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