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I know what your thinking…”Internal branding is like Christmas morning?” c’mon really?

Close your eyes and imagine for a brief second…

You are a little boy or girl. You wake up. You can smell the delicious aroma of bacon and hear the faint crackling of grease. You just can’t wait to run down the stairs and rip into all the neatly wrapped gifts. And, if you are from Palo Alto there might even be a pony in the back yard!

Unfortunately, there is a lot more that goes into Christmas morning than just watching your child run down the stairs and excitedly tear open the offspring of your second credit card. We all know, a successful Christmas morning takes planning. Internal branding is no different. If you want to create a consistent message for all who engage with your business you must brand your company internally.

Below, we have identified two techniques your business can carry out for clear, concise internal branding.

Unique Selling Point

To have a brand that is easily communicable it is essential that your brand has a unique selling point.  If not, employees and clients alike will be unable to comprehend the purpose of your business. There is a problem. How does your company have the solution?

How to Determine your Unique Selling Point

  • Understand the problem
    • After doing your market research, you recognize there is an issue. Why is this issue so prevalent? Who is this problem effecting?
  • Understand YOUR Solution
    • It is obvious that there is a problem. Being able to understand your solution to this issue and being able to communicate it in a way that a second grader could understand is essential for internal branding. If you cannot communicate your solution, how could your employees? And, if your employees cannot clearly understand the problem and communicate your solution then your clients will struggle to understand your company and its purpose.

How to Internally Brand your Unique Selling Point

Clearly documenting your unique selling point throughout your office and on all the materials that your company distributes (internally and externally) will be essential to achieve internal branding. It comes down the three C’s:

  • Clear 
  • Concise
  • Consistent

If your brand is clear, concise, and consistent internally then your brand will be clearer externally to your clients.

Brand Story 

If your company does not touch an emotional chord then you are a few steps away from branding. A study done recently found that almost half of consumers are looking for interesting stories about the brand.

How to Determine your Brand Story 

Look into the mirror. It sounds simple, but you are your brand story. You will increase your sales when people better understand you and your brand story.

Your brand story is a beautiful compilation of your struggles and your successes.

How to Internally Brand your Brand Story

Now that you have determined your brand story, it is time to fully integrate your brand story internally. Internally, it is important that your employees understand you the business owner and how you got where you are. It is essential that your employees are to able react in two specific ways:

  • Relate
  • Respond

If your company cannot relate to your story and properly respond you have a brand, but lack a story.

Tools for Internal Branding

  • Animated Videos A video can speak thousand more words than a photo. You can have the video playing in the background in your office. Click here for an affordable option.
  • Infographics – Put your mission statement into an infographic. Try and place it throughout your office. Here is a free tool that lets the creatively challenged act as modern-day Picassos. Below is an example of our mission statement Read. Engage. Create. integrated into an infographic:
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