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Why Internal Consistency is Harder Than Curling

Why Internal Consistency is Harder Than Curling

Internal Consistency is Harder Than Curling

No, we are not talking about your hair! We are talking about the sport of curling:

Internal Consistency: The Secret Recipe for In-House Marketing

Internal consistency refers to the act of consistently executing an internal ambition to the point that it becomes a habit.  For many business owners, their ambition is to generate leads for their business. For many bloggers, their ambition is to generate traffic. While both different and unique issues, both rely on internal consistency. Without consistency, you are unable to meet the point of habituation.

One reason that Internal consistency is seemingly unachievable is because of the time it takes to see a return on your investment. In the case of the business owner, content marketing is not an “overnight” solution for lead generation and branding; however, if one is internally consistent, it bears the potential to be a powerful weapon in your lead generation arsenal.

Internal Consistency Requires Prompts

For businesses and bloggers that in-house their marketing, consistency is a pain, a daily struggle. We recognize that and have created a unique marketing tool: The Directive Marketing Calendar. In our Marketing Calendar we have identified three essentials: Read. Engage. Create. 

Remember: The goal is not an “overnight” marketing miracle. Instead, we are setting small, achievable goals that will form successful marketing habits.

The Directive Marketing Calendar

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Tools Used to Achieve Internal Consistency: