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Share of SERP eBook

In this eBook, you will learn how to run comprehensive B2B search marketing campaigns that are focused on growing market share and increasing qualified leads.

Ranking Organic Keyword Value for Series C Software Companies

In this spreadsheet we've analyzed and ranked the most important organic search metrics for the top 180 Series C software companies. The spreadsheet is organized in order of most-least keywords. But the true insights come from comparing your company's rankings with its Organic Traffic Cost and Average OKV (Organic Keyword Value - a custom metric).

The 5 Commandments of Link Building

To ensure that your site is generating the traffic it deserves, link building is a must. Backlinks, or other pages that link directly to your page or content, are an essential way to increase the potential visibility of your content. Having said that, there are some common misconceptions about link building that can land you in a heap of trouble if you don’t know your stuff.

The Tortoise’s Approach to PPC

Slow and steady wins the race - especially when it comes to setting up your paid campaigns. Make sure you aren't tricked by any of these PPC Myths and learn to set up you PPC ad campaigns the right way - for guaranteed success and a higher ROAS.

Developments in Tech & Search in 2017

The best search optimizers know that innovative search marketing campaigns don’t just do their best to keep up with the most recent trends. They take it one step further and create new trends of their own.