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Local Lead Generation and Tracking

Local Lead Generation and Tracking

Local Lead Generation and Tracking

Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on outbound or non-organic lead generation is yesterday’s lead generation solution. Today’s local search landscape is ripe for organic search marketing. If you are neglecting the power of local SEO (search engine optimization) your marketing mix is suffering. And, if you are not tracking your local efforts there is no way to analyze what is and what is not working.


The Local Online Marketplace Today

Having a website for your business is great. In fact, it is a necessity. Unfortunately, having just a website is not good enough. Without optimization, consumers searching for the services you offer will not find you. In today’s congested online marketplace, only an optimized site will be found by consumers looking for a local business.  Having a “nice” website is not enough.


How to Generate Local Leads Online

  1. Analyze your current presence
  2. Explore your competition
  3. Submit your website to local directories 
  4. Stay Consistent with your NAP (name, address, phone)
  5. Build out pages for the cities you operate in
  6. Identify longtail local keywords and use as “cornerstone pages”

Tracking Local SEO

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics
  2. Integrate this offline lead tracking tool into Google Analytics 
  3. Set up this dashboard in Google Analytics
  4. Add Google Webmaster tools to your Google Analytics (Acquisition>Search Engine Optimization>Queries) 
  5. Establish goals, filters and values for your local SEO

Re-Analyze, Re-Optimize, Re-Peat

Now that you have an understanding of the local SEO process, it is important that you constantly refine and adjust as necessary. While there is a nice tasting recipe above, the local SEO recipe can always be better. If you have suggestions or insights please feel leave them in the comments section below 🙂