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Directive Consulting, a local SEO business, is proud to serve the community of Orange County with all their local search engine optimization needs. Cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches to search engine optimization simply do not work as well as the unique marketing strategies based on industry and location that Directive Consulting offers. That is, every marketing campaign for every one of our clients is individualized and tailor-made to increase effectiveness and profitability. It goes without saying that having a higher ranked website on search engines will lead to increased revenue in the form of additional customers. Long past are the days where people who need a certain good or service near them, like an auto mechanic, will choose to use the print version of the Yellow Pages to find one. In the technological age we now live in, the Internet is the go-to source for information. Accordingly, when people look for a certain type of businesses online, they will undoubtedly look through only the higher ranked websites. Rare is the occasion when people actually even search on the second or third page of results from a search engine search. Directive Consulting specializes in local SEO and getting Orange County companies ranked higher in order to generate additional revenue.

Indeed, we at Directive Consulting offer a wide variety of revenue generating services for businesses in Orange County like local SEO, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, website analytics, paid advertisement, web design, and lead generation. (See https://directiveconsulting.com/services/ for links to our services). We so strongly believe that we are the online marketing company for you that we also offer a free website audit. To get one, you merely need to contact us, no strings attached. We do not believe in hidden costs or fees. If you do so, we will analyze your backend performance and website structure to find any issues that may be inhibiting your website from reaching its potential. Of course, one of the main benefits with working with Directing Consulting is that we are local and accessible. We are not some foreign company who speaks a foreign language. Communication is very important to us. As such, we are local and speak English. If at any time you have a problem or question or inquiry, all you have to do is give us a call at any time to set up a meeting. As a local SEO business based in Orange County, we are all about transparency and availability. This is why we have monthly meetings and reports with all of our clients. We want you to know where your company stands and how we are shaping it for the better. Other marketing companies like to put everyone on the same business strategy. We know that each company requires a different marketing strategy that revolves around their industry and location. Individualizing strategies helps maximize results and conversions for your companies so you may reap the profits.

Undoubtedly, Directive Consulting is a company that exists to make your company flourish as a result of our digital marketing efforts. (For an expanded list of our digital marketing efforts, see https://directiveconsulting.com/digital-marketing-services/.) Regardless of what your Orange County business needs in regards to local SEO, we have a custom solution for you. Our search engine marketing is customized so that your business can drive up sales. Enhancing the rankings of your company’s Organic Search will drive targeted traffic to your website. More so, we do this in such a manner that this increased targeted traffic will more likely lead to financial conversions. Visible results, after all, are what we at Directive Consulting strive for.

Of course, we also offer services like email marketing. Though it has been criticized, it remains one of the most effective tools available to us. We import your contacts, deliver a monthly email campaign, and provide clear reports on the results. As MarketingLand states, “Email Marketing is the second largest contributor to driving traffic to websites in 2014.” To read more about our email marketing service, see https://directiveconsulting.com/email-marketing/. Directive Consulting understand that marketing is about timing. This is why we make sure your brand is in the correct place at the correct time. Monthly emails aid with keeping your brand in your clients’ thoughts so they know who to call when they need your services. Directive Consulting makes sure to employ multiple touches with email campaigns. That is, if users show interest by opening up an email, we follow up to further engage them and lead them deeper down the sales path.


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Engagement is, after all, crucial in marketing and business in general. Once again, it should be noted that Directive Consulting, as a direct result of being a local SEO business in Orange County, takes the time to really study your business, competition, and market. When it comes to our paid advertisement marketing, we know how crucial it is to know your company so we may put your company’s best foot forward. (See https://directiveconsulting.com/pay-per-click-ppc-management-agency-in-orange-county-ca/ for more on paid advertisement.) Moreover, we differentiate your company from your competitors in order to drive more results. Of course, the most essential part of all of this involves knowing your company’s market. This allows us to use the most strategic angle and effective tone to individualize your campaign in accordance with industry and location. It will hardly bode very well for a personal training or automotive repair business on the West Coast to engage people on the East Coast. This will obviously not drive up sales and lead to conversions. We take this knowledge to heart and make sure to advertise locally in order to help your company flourish financially.

We at Directive Consulting exist to service the community of Orange County in such away that their business really takes off in terms of sales figures and customers. Establishing credibility is as essential as first impressions. The old first impression a business used to make was their sales team or storefront. However, in the technological age we now live in, the first impression is increasingly taking place in cyberspace. Your website is essential to conversion rates, and as a direct result of this we help establish your brand’s credibility by designing your website in a professional and clear manner. If you do not have a website, the time to make one is now. Failure to do so will cause your business to miss out on a large portion of the market. Directive Consulting is more than happy to remedy this.

Nonetheless, though the variety of services offered by Directive Consulting is quite extensive, one of our specialties remain search engine optimization. We stand firm to your values by upholding industry standards when it comes to SEO. As such, we exclusively work with white-hat SEO practices. This means that your website will never be penalized by search engines for poor SEO tactics. (See https://directiveconsulting.com/seo-services-in-orange-county-ca/ for more on our SEO services.) Search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and many are quick to catch on to those who use poor SEO tactics like merely “spamming” a key phrase twenty times in a row without any rhyme or reason. These poor tactics are penalized by search engines nowadays and a website’s ranking is negatively affected as a result. Your company never has to worry about this with Directive Consulting. Moreover, as part of our SEO practices, we also employ other tactics such as formulating keyword strategies for your business. This is, after all, the foundation to search engine optimization. Performing this correctly, quite frankly, determines whether a company succeeds or not when it comes to driving the right type of traffic to a business’ website. We always make sure your business succeeds at this. We also employ link building. Experts claim back links are weighted heavily when it comes to the ranking scale. As such, we employ a link building campaign for all of our clients. Our content marketing is done by highly qualified writers who all have their BA in English. We provide weekly articles in order to promote your business online. We also list and mange your business on many local directory profiles including Google Places, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, and Foursquare. These function as not only a medium for your company to reach out to potential customers but as a free back link as well. Indeed, working with Directive Consulting is not so much a service as it is an investment. Should you choose to stop receiving our services, your website will not immediately lose its position. All our work we do on your behalf is in your complete ownership. Truly, Directive Consulting works hard so that your company can reach its full potential. Our work with inbound marketing means that if a customer is looking for goods or services you provide, you will be in an optimal position to be found on search engines. Hubstpot.com states that “42.2% of companies using inbound marketing increase their lead-to-sale conversion rate.” We take this seriously.

Of course, one of the best features of working with Directive Consulting is that we offer a no-questions-asked refund to all customers within 30 days of their purchase. As a local SEO business located in Orange County, we truly believe that if you are not satisfied with our product, then you should in no way be bound to keep it. Merely send us an email, and we will refund your purchase right away. We see no reason why you should be stuck with a product that you do not enjoy or an experience that you are not thrilled about. We have no interest forcing unhappy members to stay with us. Our goal has always been to create and maintain a happy, thriving community. This is why we maintain this no-questions-asked policy. Refunding your purchase within 30 days is just an email away. Still, acquiring our services is also but a phone call or email away. See https://directiveconsulting.com/contact/ for our contact information.

Our diverse range of clientele has given us the experience needed to service any type of business in any location in any industry. Our portfolio of clients ranges from personal trainers to plumbers, from social networking websites to auto repair facilities. (See https://directiveconsulting.com/portfolio/ for a list of many of our clients.) It is important to us that we individualize our marketing efforts in accordance with your company’s industry and location. Having had such a wide variety of business’ to work with in the past has given us the necessary experience to handle whatever type of business you may run, whether it is an established company or a new start-up. Regardless of where your company is in its run, Directive Consulting is proud to offer consulting, developing, and marketing to enhance your business and its profits.

Truly, we at Directive Consulting have always been fascinated with the idea of improving businesses. Since we are positively convinced that complacency is the enemy, we strive to constantly learn, engage, and create. While other businesses are hesitant to say there is something they do not know, we know better. As the marketplace and digital sphere changes, we must learn in order to keep current with the changes. Everyday is a learning opportunity, and we hate wasting opportunities. We learn to better serve your business. We engage to move from theory to practice. Active learning has been proven superior to passive learning time and time again, so we act as such. Lastly, we create to deliver exceptional value to our clients at an affordable rate. We at Directive Consulting deem it pure bliss to meet with you, learn about your business, and eventually earn your trust (see https://directiveconsulting.com/about/ for more about our story).

Indeed, as a local SEO company based in Orange County, Directive Consulting knows what it takes to take your business to the next level. We help business owners with their digital presence by providing revenue generating search engine optimization, conversion first paid advertisement, innovative email marketing, consistent social media, and creative web design at affordable rates. We do all this while maintaining clear, open communication and maintaining transparency. In short, at Directive Consulting, we help business owners.

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