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41.67% Increase in Organic Traffic


Garrett and team are dedicated, hardworking and a sheer asset to any client they work with.  Within the first week, PeopleSpace ranking went from #3 to #2 and now we are ranking #1 for coworking!   Inbound traffic is really crucial to us because it generates approximately 80% of our new visitor tours. This team is also always striving to learn and is generous with their knowledge with our community.  Thanks Team Directive Consulting!

Melinda Kim

Executive Director, PeopleSpace


PeopleSpace was ranking third within Google search for their most profitable keywords: “coworking” & “coworking space”. They approached us with their concern over their local ranking and expressed their desire to be the number one result in Google’s search engine for terms related to Coworking in Orange County, CA. We then worked with their staff to come up with a consistent and thorough strategy to rank their business number 1 in the coming months.



What We Did:

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Re-Architecture
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building

The Results:

  • 41.67% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • #1 Rank for Primary Keywords Related to “Coworking”
  • Significant Increase in Rentals
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Within a three month period, we took PeopleSpace from the number three result to the number one result for the term “Coworking Space” and “Coworking” for searches within Irvine, CA (the metropolitan hub of Orange County, CA).

Because of our efforts, PeopleSpace has increased not only their leads but also their memberships and has become one of, if not, our largest referral partners.

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(the images above are from an incognito search performed within Irvine, CA)

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