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Marketing Through Word of Mouth

Marketing is tough. Harnessing the power of word of mouth is even harder. If you can empower your customer then you can drive more sales to your business by marketing through word of mouth.

The question is how do you get your customers to start talking about you?


Distancing yourself from your clients is a giant no-no. Think about it, would you rather tell someone else about your friend or a random person. By focusing on relationships with your customer and demonstrating that your care about them at a level deeper than business is powerful.

A few ways to do this…

  • Get their address…people love getting stuff in the mail
  • Call them on their birthday
  • Write them a note…you have their address right?
  • Ask about their family
  • Buy their animal a toy…animals can talk too right?

Make the Boring Extraordinary

Coffee isn’t that exciting…but it can be. Sure, we love it and it has moved into the realm of inelasticity, but it’s just a bean right?


What about the process? Imagine if your coffee shop highlighted the process of how you attained your coffee? In case you didn’t know how coffee goes from the field to your cup, the normal process is as follows…

    1. Plant
    2. Harvest
    3. Process
    4. Dry
    5. Mill
    6. Export
    7. Taste
    8. Roast
    9. Grind
    10. Brew

But what if you could highlight one of these aspects that makes your coffee extraordinary? What if you served Cold Brewed Coffee?

The normal ritual from the coffee snobs to the “I like it black’s” is the same. You wake up. Drudge to the kitchen and make your coffee with the click of a switch and your coffee is brewed…hot.

Cold brewed coffee is as different as the name suggests.

With cold brewed coffee you avoid the downfall of hot brewed coffee…the acid.

According to the National Heartburn Alliance, of the estimated 54 million Americans who suffer heartburn, 75% say beverages such as coffee can cause it.

By stressing the inherent remarkability of cold brewed coffee you harness the power of marketing through word of mouth.

Your product or service can and is just as remarkable…you just need to delve deeper.

Next Steps

Grasping the internal remarkability of your product or service is no easy task. Below are a few things you can do to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Breakdown the value chain process of your product or service. Look for differentiators.
  • Think about what would happen if your product or service disappeared. Why would the world not be the same?
  • List 5 reasons for why you came into business in the first place

People love being remarkable. Let them be remarkable by telling others about your product or service.

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