Tune In. Cut Through.

It’s time to cut through it. Cut through the interchangeable podcasts about “marketing best practices”, trendy growth hack strategies, buzzwords, and keyword stuffing. Discover the real insights that shape the marketing world.

Tune in for two expert strategists diving straight into the insights we’re all looking for:

What’s holding your brand back? What are the most successful brands doing to distinguish themselves? How do current events shape audience psychology and our marketing strategies on the day-to-day?

In each episode, our hosts, Garrett Mehrguth and Brady Cramm, will cover 4 focused segments: Advertising Jealousy, Psychology of Marketing, Tactically Delicious, and Marketing+Culture. You’ll get a peek behind the curtain of what makes the greatest campaigns truly divergent and strategically unique.

Learn what makes the original truly original, and how.

Cut through the noise. Cut through the crowd.

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