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Scattered Thoughts from an Online Marketing Consultant

Scattered Thoughts from an Online Marketing Consultant

Scams. Why are they synonymous with online marketing? There are a plethora of reasons:

I could continue, but frustration will only ensue. Online marketing consultants have often received a bad rep for the reasons above; however, it isn’t all their fault.

Businesses don’t help. Why do they not recognize the value of digital marketing?

The good news, is that online marketing works and owners understand increases in revenue.

If you are an online marketing consultant and your client is not seeing an increase in revenue there are reasons:

  • Their online presence could be new (good things take time)
  • You should be in produce (that was harsh, but sometimes the truth needs to be served green)
  • Did you go through the foundation? (try this)
  • Are you tracking everything? (here’s a guide on how)
  • Do you read the blogs? (reading? online marketing? yes, they’re correlated)
  • Have you paid for amazing tools? (tools are needed for online marketing…they’re worth paying for)
  • Have you tried content marketing? (not a writer? no worries, hire a writer from the local university)

Online marketing is about the business as much as it is about the consultant. If you are a business and struggling to see results here are a couple reasons:

  • You don’t communicate well (a consultant needs to understand your vision)
  • Your business has a fundamental flaw (a different type of consultant might be needed first)
  • Your expectations are not grounded in reality (this is also the fault of the consultant)

When it comes to results, there is more weight on the shoulder’s of the online marketing consultant.  That is okay. We like the challenge.