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Keyword Strategy

Formulating a keyword strategy for your company is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization. Performing this correctly will determine the failure or success of driving the right type of traffic to your website. 


Link Building 

According to experts, back links are weighted very heavily on the ranking scale. We provide a link building campaign for all of our clients by using purely white hat SEO practices.


Content Marketing

We have a full staff of highly qualified writers, each with their BA in English. We provide weekly articles, and use them to promote your company online. 


Backend Optimization

We perform a full audit of your website to ensure that it is fully optimized and user friendly. Improving backend performance includes features such as sitemap, website load time, robot.txt, etc. 

Local Directories

Local Directories are not only a medium for your company to reach out to consumers, but they are a free back link as well. We list and manage your company on 44 local directory profiles including Google Places, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, Foursquare. 

Why Directive Consulting’s SEO Services



White Hat SEO

At Directive Consulting, we stand firm to our values about upholding industry standards when it comes to SEO. We only perform white-hat SEO practices. This means that your website will never be penalized by search engines for poor SEO tactics.

Long-Term Investment

We like to inform all of our customers they are not paying for a service but for an investment. We perform SEO the organic way, and sometimes that means waiting for results. However, the good news is if for some reason you decide to terminate our services, your website will not immediately lose its position. Every step and effort we perform for ranking your website is in your ownership. Now we cannot promise you will maintain that position because of changes that may occur within the search engine algorithm or efforts that are made by your competition to outrank you. 


Inbound Marketing

SEO is considered inbound marketing. Inbound marketing means that if a potential customer is looking for your services, you are placed in an optimal position to be found. 

“42.2% of companies using inbound marketing increase their lead-to-sale conversion rate (Hubspot.com)” 

What Our Customers Are Saying


Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“Directive Consulting has been performing brand and UX development for my mobile application for the past six months. The money has been well spent. Their lean development process has been very effective and has provided me with new and intuitive ideas. I had not formerly thought of improving my original ideas and I believe that this process will save me money in the long term. I am very pleased with their work and I am looking forward to seeing how well they market the application once it is ready.” 


John Hodel (Vice President of Core Logic)

“Directive consulting has been a huge help marketing our app. They re-engineered our marketing plan to fit our product and our budget and we are already seeing great results.”
Ford Davis (CEO of ReFrame)

“Directive Consulting was the best choice I ever made. I went from the 8th position on Google to the 3rd. I am the 1st business website when people search for my services in Dana Point. Once my website was in this position I received two $2,500 calls within the first two weeks, and I have been getting calls ever since.”

Jeff Shaffer (CEO of Jeff Shaffer Plumbing)

Learn From Industry Experts

Keyword Strategy

Content Marketing

Boost Rankings

Local Directories

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO


What are back links?

A Back link is when another website has linked to your website. Linked meaning they have placed your website URL on their website for users to click on.


How many backlinks will you be providing for my website?

We do not guarantee a specific amount of backlinks do to the uncertain nature of link building. On average we deliver 3 quality backlinks a month.

How many keywords will you be providing me on my website?

Keyword jamming stopped working in the late 1990’s. We formulate a keyword strategy for your website that is based on the search volume and keyword competitiveness of long-tail keywords. We utilize our content marketing capabilities to create location pages and articles individually targeting one specific long-tail keyword at a time. 

What type of traffic are you driving to my website?

At Directive Consulting, we are not focused on traffic but conversions. We sit down with our customers to determine the ultimate purpose of their website (Contact Page, Submit a Form, Make a Purchase.) Next, we use analytics to track how much traffic is converting, what type of traffic is converting, and how can we increase your conversion rate. 

How do I know that you are actually doing anything for my SEO?

Directive Consulting is a transparent company. We give all of our clients an analytic tracking tool for their phones to check progress daily, we send multiple reports throughout the month, and we are willing to go over your report over the phone. 

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