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SEO Content Creation Checklist for 2014

SEO Content Creation Checklist for 2014

SEO Content Creation Checklist for 2014

Consistently creating creative content is no easy task in the year of the horse.  There are many elements that must be addressed for your voice to be heard amongst the crowd. This post provides an SEO content creation checklist so that your writing can be comprehensive, engaging, and search engine optimized.

SEO Content Creation Checklist 

What is the Goal?

Before pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into your next blog post ask yourself, “What is the Goal?”, “Why am I writing this?” It seems basic, but understanding the purpose of your post will allow you to better align your points and drive home the key takeaway you desire to portray.


How Does this fit with the target audience? 

Who is your reader? Google Analytics is quite helpful with understanding this essential question. Tailor your writing and content to fit with your readership. I am not suggesting that you completely change your style, but instead, ask yourself if the content you are writing about is something that might inspire and empower your readers.


What is the long-tail opportunity? 

Long tail opportunity refers to “secondary” keywords or words that are correlated to your primary keywords. For example, we are an online marketing firm; however, it is far easier for us to rank for our long tail keywords such as “online marketing solutions in orange county” then it is for “online marketing firm”. For local businesses, it is a good idea to include your city in your keywords.



Are you connecting with others in your article? If you are writing about computer software, are you mentioning the top software companies in the industry and linking with them? If not, you are missing out on great relationship opportunities.


Semantic Phrases?

The idea powering Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is that you are able to create a context. Search engines are getting smarter. As they are becoming smarter, they are better able to understand context. If you are writing about “Pasta Sauce” LSI terms might be “noodles”, “sausage”, “Alfredo”, etc. You want the search engines to understand not only your keywords, but also the context.


What is Trending? 

Content has a vicious cycle; a trend of rising and falling. Your blog needs to not only be relevant tomorrow (see below), but also, relevant today. Writing about hot topics will keep readers consistently coming back to your blog as a source for relevant news on your industry.


Will it be relevant tomorrow? 

Often referred to as “Evergreen Content”, it is essential that when you are going through your SEO content creation checklist that your website contains content that can stand the test of time. For example, if you were in the auto industry an article on the importance of an oil change is a great “Evergreen” article. Expert tip, make your “Evergreen Content” a page on your website instead of a post. If you are curious as to why, feel free to shoot us an email 🙂

What support does it need? Video? Infographic? 

You have your amazing content, now where is the support. Amazing content deserves amazing support. Never leave your well-thoughout content on an island.


Why and where is the ROI? 

Hours upon hours have been poured into this article…why? Let’s leave opportunity cost at the curb treat it as sunk cost and move onto the ROI. How and why is the article you are writing going to help your business. By answering this question, you are far better prepared to see success.

ROI Opportunities: 

  • Thought leadership = Branding
  • Increasing your readers WTP (willingness to pay)
  • Educating your client helps illuminate the need
  • etc…

Now that you have your content creation checklist for 2014, get to writing and remember the three keys to development: Read. Engage. Create. 

Feel free to print or share the infographic 🙂

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