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SEO – What You Need to Avoid in 2014

SEO – What You Need to Avoid in 2014

With 2014 already in full swing, you have to start considering how you’re going to cope with the challenges it may bring. Google is forever changing the algorithms and search engine optimization (SEO) changes constantly.

To help you get started, we’ve provided some tips on SEO – what you need to avoid in 2014.


The Garbage Truck 

Most websites actively attempting to appeal to the SEO gods are wasting their time. It’s a fact. Most of their content is worthless. If your content isn’t geared towards the human visitor, it’s worthless.

Google wants you to write for humans. It keeps telling you not to write for SEO algorithms. Its algorithms are increasingly beginning to reflect this. If you aren’t listening to them, you will fail in the long-term.

If you’re unsure about your own writing skills, don’t be afraid to invest in bringing in a professional writer to write your content for you.

Link Neighborhoods

We aren’t saying that linking between blogs and other websites isn’t still important. You should always have some sort of hyperlink within your content. It must be relevant, however.

If you haven’t produced an article filled with relevant resources and useful websites, your content might be marked as spam or too self-promotional.

The old link neighborhood is dead. In 2014, write an article as you would an academic essay in school. ‘Useful’ and ‘relevant’ are the two terms you should bear in mind.


Social Media

Google obeys social media when it comes to rankings. If your site is popular on social media, you’ll see it fly up the rankings. It’s because social media is all geared towards human readers and real visitors.

Any page or post you publish should be suitable for social media. Interact with your customers directly and encourage sharing.

The social media networks you need to target are: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

What we hope you’ll learn from this search engine optimization SEO blog is quality content is the key to everything. Your success will rely almost entirely on what content you produce and how you present it to the end user.

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