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Marketing Analytics Consulting

We build closed-loop analytic systems that measure every campaign from impression to sale.

Become empowered with actionable insights, detailed tracking and a complete understanding of every marketing campaign you launch.

Marketing reports that tell you an actionable story

Not all reports are created equal. In fact, we built our entire analytics consultancy around blending data and visualizing it to you in a customizable way that drives actions.

With our in-house data team, we make your data come to life.

Directive’s deep dive into Ads account and the comprehensive analysis has been so valuable for our organization.

We’d been with our previous agency for 5+ years and they never asked us 10% of the questions that Directive did in the first month of working together.

Tyler Van Fossen
Markting Analytics Manager

Every event tracked.

Every channel visualized

Custom and Pre-Built APIs for Complete Automation

We take every API you have and build scripts for one’s you wish existed to fully automate your entire data environment.

Beyond the API’s you have, we pay for every API in marketing so that you never miss out on the opportunity of blending third-party and proprietary data.

“Directive Consulting looks at each task proactively. I can say, without hesitation, that they are the best agency I’ve ever worked with.”

John Palmer
Digital Marketing Specialist

Data-pipeline built for analysis

We pull your data into any environment and allow you to visualize or report on it how you see fit.

We do the data, you do the analysis, not a bad deal.

“We compared them to two other agencies, and they presented the best strategy and deliverability with ROI as a focused KPI.”

An Bui
Director of Demand Generation

Prefer that we do the marketing data analysis? No problem

Goals & Objectives

We learn your market, ask the right questions, and take our time to thoroughly understand your data. From there, we present actionable recommendations that drive ROI.

Astute Correlations

Understanding the cause and effect relationship of your marketing efforts is crucial to executing confidently. We pull in third-party data and layer it over your proprietary data to draw correlations you would have never imagined.

Attribution Modeling

Struggling to decide what attribution model to implement for your reporting and analysis? Our team of strategist and analysts will work with you to select the model best suited for your brand.

You deserve better data. We are proven to deliver.

Get more than generic PDF reports.

Through our developers and innovative systems, we make sure you understand every lead’s story and value.