Content Creation for B2B

Do you know you need to create and promote unique content for your business, but just the thought makes you queasy? You’re too busy taking action on the rest of your business that you don’t have time to create multiple pieces of engaging content a month.

This is where we come in. We at Directive Consulting love simplifying our clients’ lives by creating individualized and interesting content, which we closely monitor to ensure the right audience is reached.

What Is It?

Content creation as a form of marketing is a way for businesses to provide additional value to current and potential customers, and in turn be rewarded with said customers’ business and loyalty.

Ultimately, the goal of content creation is to educate and engage your readers. In today’s world, not only are people constantly online, but they’re inundated with a mountain load of information at an unprecedented rate. As a result, they are less inclined to spend time reading something that they don’t perceive as valuable.

What you are providing is important, and we want you to be able to cut through the internet noise and get your content seen.

While content creation at its core is the same, the tone and style can vary depending on whether you are a B2B or B2C. Because business-to-business (B2B) firms tend to be more formal and technical, so does the content. The content is likely to lean towards a professional tone by focusing on evergreen resource articles and white papers.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) firms tend to be more informal since they interact directly with their customers.Thus, the content is likely to contain mostly informational resource articles and shareable blog posts. While this is standard for B2B and B2C content, tone and style of content is subject to individual company preferences.

Why Is It Important?

To acquire and retain customers you have to provide value. While it may not seem obvious, content creation is in fact crucial to the growth and success of your business.

You want to make sure that you are effectively conveying your brand message and value to your audience, even more so than the product or service you are offering. While at the core of it you’re selling your brand, the content itself doesn’t always have to be brand or product related. In fact, customers are likely to respect you and your brand more if you are not constantly trying to sell them something.

By providing meaningful and useful information on a consistent basis through resource articles, blog posts, and more, you build credibility with your audience; you show them that they matter and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Why Us?

We here at Directive Consulting, know the importance of content creation and are dedicated to helping your business succeed. It’s important that content be individualized towards each client, and for every content piece we write, we treat it as if we’re writing for our own company. We’re determined to provide every client with a personalized experience and unique content.

To ensure that you as the client get the most out of working with us, we make sure to get to know you and your brand, understand your goals, and develop a marketing strategy so that we can effectively accomplish what’s been agreed upon.

We have a team of skilled writers and editors that create all different types of content and are ready to get to work on what you need. We specialize in creating content for blogs, resource articles, location pages, website content, and more. In addition to strong and consistent content creation and social media presence, we strongly believe in creating resource hubs for our clients. Because these hubs contain timeless and useful information that readers can return to, such resources can increase organic traffic to your site and are likely to significantly increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.

To further enhance your content and provide even more value to you and your customers, we do extensive keyword research to make sure you are ranking well and keeping up with ever-changing digital marketing practices. Furthermore, the Content Marketing team works closely with the other departments including SEO, PPC, and Social Advertising to ensure that your content ranks well, is promoted properly, and reaches your desired audience.

Creating unique and engaging content can be difficult, especially if you are busy with other components of your business. It’s important that you keep all aspects of your business in mind for greater chance of success. Consistently sharing engaging and interesting content is a great way to increase customer loyalty, business, and brand awareness. While you’re making strides with the rest of your business, we’ll make sure your content is keeping up. We look forward to talking to you about how we can help you deliver your best content to your customers.