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We have extensive experience working with B2B and SaaS businesses in Los Angeles and a track record to prove it.

Keyword-Driven Strategy

A customized content strategy that is driven by deep keyword research.

On-Page SEO

Improve your digital discoverability by optimizing your on-page targeting.

Technical SEO

Building a technical foundation is essential for your website’s performance.

Link Building

Improve the authority of your website through a data-driven link building approach.

"Professional, responsive, and communicative, the team consistently delivers high-quality work and clear, transparent reporting on tasks and updates during weekly meetings."
Artin Teymourian
Senior Scientist

Los Angeles SEO services tailored for you.

Keyword-Driven Strategy

Keyword strategy deeply rooted in research and analysis.

Every SEO strategy has a strong foundation of keyword targeting. As a top SEO agency in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on the quality and depth of the research and analysis we perform prior to executing any SEO strategy.

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On-Page SEO

Increased discoverability through targeted on-page improvements.

Being discoverable means being found wherever your target audience searches. We work hand-in-hand with your team to improve your on-page targeting without having to sacrifice your brand.

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Technical SEO

Effective SEO requires a strong technical foundation.

Our strong understanding of the technical ins and outs of your website allows us to identify issues right away. We work with your team and developers to improve website functionality from a foundational level.

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Link Building

Building authority requires a strategic link building initiative.

Unlike any other Los Angeles SEO company, Directive utilizes a highly effective and targeted link building efforts in order to boost the authority of your highest priority pages.

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“Over the last month, we’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time.
Tyler Riddell
VP of Marketing

A Proven Search Engine Optimization Process That Stands Out

Goal Alignment

We align our strategy with your business goals to ensure that we put your future as our focus.

Quick Execution

SEO can take some time, but we kick off our partnership by executing right away.


We focus on creating consistent and streamlined communication to ensure success.


Our team specializes in working with the best businesses in SaaS.

Tracking & Reporting

We incorporate the core organic KPIs with other growth metrics and revenue.

Los Angeles digital marketers with SEO expertise.

Target Audience

A deep understanding of your target audience.

It is important for us to gather a deep understanding of your target audience, that way the effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts is maximized. We work with your team to ensure that every step we take in developing an SEO strategy has your target audience at the forefront of our minds.

Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing that aligns with SEO efforts.

Complement our SEO efforts with highly effective PPC and CRO. Our full-service team works with you in order to maximize your digital discoverability across multiple platforms.

Commonly asked questions.

Where are you located in Los Angeles?

We have a satellite office in The Gas Company Tower in downtown Los Angeles. We also have a local office down I-5 in Orange County, as well. Our employees are located around the world, with several living in the Los Angeles area. You will feel right at home with Directive.

What differentiates Directive from other Los Angeles SEO agencies?

Directive is a leading search engine optimization company in Los Angeles that is filled with world-class marketers. We approach SEO with your business goals as our #1 priority.

Why should I choose Directive as my Los Angeles SEO agency?

Directive is the premier Los Angeles SaaS SEO agency that specializes in performance marketing for SaaS and Software companies. We have experience working with some of the largest brands in software and understand what it takes to scale a SaaS business. We even have SaaS products ourselves!

What types of Los Angeles businesses do you have experience working with?

We have worked with clients in B2B, enterprise, eCommerce, retail, B2C, direct-to-consumer, and more. We primarily work with SaaS and software companies.

Our Los Angeles clients can speak to our success.

You deserve more from your Los Angeles SEO agency.

Other Los Angeles SEO agencies will help you get found. We make sure you are unmissable.