New York SaaS PPC Agency

New York SaaS PPC Agency

PPC management in New York
built for efficiency and scale.

We spend more hours in your account than the average New York SaaS PPC agency.

Grow your business with your
local New York PPC company.

Our strategic approach and PPC expertise allow Directive
to improve campaign performance immediately.

Ad Targeting

Strategic ad targeting backed by in-depth keyword research and analysis.

Lead Generation

Improve lead generation campaigns with strategic targeting and campaign builds.

A/B Testing

Creative A/B testing backed by research and innovation to boost conversion rates.

Campaign Management

Strategic campaign management that expands your reach and improves lead volume.

"Our cost-per-acquisition has gone down and the number of prospective customers that we’re able to get in front of has increased."
Sara Pollock
VP of Marketing

New York PPC management tailored for you.

Ad Targeting

Strategic keyword targeting backed by research to minimize spend.

Strong campaign performance is backed by in-depth keyword and account research. We gain further knowledge of your industry and competitors in order to ensure that every dollar spent goes to campaigns that will drive quality leads at the lowest possible price.

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Lead Generation

Improve lead generation strategies with strategic ad targeting and experiences.

Each user that comes across one of your ads should have the greatest opportunity to convert. We use creative ways to improve lead volume through ad targeting and landing page experiences.

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A/B Testing

Consistent innovation through A/B testing to improve conversion rates.

Have you ever considered that there may be a better way to show your ad? A better experience for your user to see? We use a variety of tools to analyze user behavior and campaign performance in order to create the best design and serve the best ad to improve conversion rates and maximize value.

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Campaign Management

Ongoing analysis & optimization = increased performance.

The landscape of search marketing changes every day, and with that volatility comes the need for change in ad campaigns. Our paid search team analyzes campaign performance daily and ensures that any changes are noted and any pivots made swiftly and effectively.

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Great team, do consider them as a true extension of our internal team as they do look out and work toward the brand’s goals.
Bala Vishal
Director of Digital Marketing, Lucidworks

Our PPC Process is Backed by Results


We perform in-depth research into your business, industry, and competitors in order to align with your business objectives.


Based on the combination of your business objectives and our research, we build ad campaigns that drive results.


With our ability to be in your accounts every day, we are able to quickly build and execute campaigns.


Our PPC team integrates with your current digital marketing efforts seamlessly.

Tracking & Reporting

We have built a custom PPC dashboard that tracks performance metrics and ROI.

New York digital marketers with expertise in PPC.

Landing Page Design

Optimized landing page design that has proven to convert.

Alongside our team PPC experts, we have a team of CRO designers that have built proven to convert landing pages. Together, our team works alongside your brand and design team in order to build landing pages that not only convert but are aligned with your brand guidelines. Not looking for a design overhaul? That’s okay – our team is ready for any additional CRO auditing and execution necessary to maximize ad performance.

Audience Building

Audience building = Optimized Ad Targeting & Performance

Great advertising campaigns span across multiple platforms and require a deep understanding of your audience. We perform in-depth research to fully understand your customer and their buyer journey and build custom campaigns via LinkedIn, Google, and other search engines to maximize your ability to interact with your target audience.

Commonly asked questions.

Where are you located in New York?

Located in the heart of Manhattan, we have worked with many enterprise businesses located in New York City. You will not only work with our team from New York but team members around the world.

What differentiates Directive from other New York PPC companies?

Directive is a leading pay per click advertising company in New York that is filled with world-class marketers. We approach PPC with your business goals as our #1 priority.

Why should I choose Directive as my New York PPC agency?

Directive is a SaaS PPC agency in New York that specializes in performance marketing for SaaS and Software companies. We have experience working with some of the largest brands in software and understand what it takes to scale a SaaS business. We even have SaaS products ourselves!

What types of New York businesses do you have experience working with?

We have worked with clients in B2B, enterprise, eCommerce, retail, B2C, direct-to-consumer, and more. We primarily work with SaaS and software companies.

Our New York clients can speak to our success.

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