Innovative Display & Retargeting Campaigns for B2B

Reaching your target audience through all the noise on the Internet is a daunting and at times difficult task, but getting them to convert is even harder. One method us marketers use is pay-per-click ads; where we only have a limited amount of characters to explain to users the benefits our product or service provides and a call-to-action that entices them to click on our ads.

What Is It?

This method is highly effective when refined and optimized, but in a fast-paced digital age, we only have a few seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. So how do we not only re-focus their attention to what we want them to see but also get them further down our sales funnels?

Luckily for you, there is a way. Display and retargeting campaigns, some of you probably are already familiar with these, but do you know how to leverage the power of the display network?

For those of you who are not familiar with display advertising, it’s the use of ads ranging from text to video to audio displayed on websites. Much like pay-per-click campaigns, marketers bid on their set of keywords and show their ads to searchers early in the buying cycle. A major advantage of services such as Google’s Display Network is it allows us to find the right audience by displaying our ads to our specific audience at the right time and place. Many run into the problem of visitors viewing their landing page or website and dropping off, remarketing gives us the ability to re-engage with these visitors.

Remarketing serves as a friendly reminder as it allows us to show ads to users who have previously visited our website or provided their email address. This way we are more likely heighten their engagement with our ads and push them further down the sales funnel.

As you can tell, display and retargeting campaigns are two powerful tools that when combined are even more effective in driving awareness and conversions.

Why Is It Important?

The benefit of display ads is the ability to engage users with something more visually stimulating than your standard text ads.  Using Display ads gives us the power to target potential users by both keywords and topics, manage what websites we display our ads, and create effective remarketing campaigns of users who are already interested in your product or service. Creative display ads lead to better engagement from users and increase your brand awareness.

Remarketing is beneficial in a number of ways as many users in the buying cycle often do their homework on most of their purchases, such as comparing product offerings and prices. Remarketing allows you to remain at the top of mind of your customers; this heightened sense of brand recall naturally leads to greater engagement by matching the message to the moment. This means creating ads that “remind” them they are still looking for a new hand-drill or black cocktail dress. Timing is everything in the buying cycle and remaining on your customer’s mind more often leads to a conversion.

Google’s Display Network also allows you to create remarketing lists from lookalike audiences. This gives you the power of expanding your remarketing campaign by targeting similar audiences who share interests with your remarketing lists.

Remarketing is highly effective if done right and results in high click-through rates and increased conversions which demonstrate the effectiveness of repeated exposure.

Why Us?

Building great display ads do not mean anything without putting in ample amount of time designing your display campaign. When building out your display campaigns we dedicate a countless number of hours exploring your market. All aspects of the interests your target audience has, where they are located, and the most effective way to attract them.

Word of advice: Keep your display and search campaigns separate! If you are currently combining your search with display please read THIS and then return here.

The first steps we take when setting up a display campaign on the road to success is checking and double-checking that we are accurately tracking conversions. As this directly affects our optimization efforts, you can’t optimize your campaign effectively without solid data.

We look beyond the standard last click attribution, which leaves out all the touchpoints users take in between making a purchase. Our approach looks at a metric that is more effective for display campaigns: View-through conversions. The way a view-through conversion works is a user sees our ad, DOES NOT click on the ad but directly visits the site at a later time. This metric gives us the power to optimize and see the overall effectiveness of our display ads.

We target users more effectively by analyzing segments within Google Analytics and retargeting specific segments of our audiences more precisely.  A few ways we retarget is by targeting past users with ads that promote the benefits, features and/or current promotions. The goal is to stay in touch with past customers and re-engage them with new promotions/products.

Investing in SEO, content marketing, and the remarketing of your product or service to the users who visit your site, can maximize your ROI and take your marketing to the next level.