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Industry experts and thought leaders are turning to Twitter left and right to promote their unique campaigns, their individual content pieces, and the personalized brand of expertise. We use the brevity, exceptional creative, and detailed targeting to drive ROI from your Twitter ad campaigns.

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The Directive Process

1 Lead List Uploads
Lead List Uploads
We know that each and every lead in your email list is valuable. We can upload you prebuilt lead lists into our social list builders to add onto your advertising campaigns instead of start from scratch.
2 Lookalike Audiences
Lookalike Audiences
We employ distinct social media platform’s powerful demographics data to build larger audiences on top of your pre-built lists to target even more of your ideal viewership.
3 Proximity Targeting
Proximity Targeting
Make the most out of local advertising by tapping into proximity ads within social media where nearby users can actually tag themselves with you service, product, or location.
4 Targeting Psychographics
Targeting Psychographics
We don’t stop at demographics. We dive even deeper into our social analytics, targeting user interests, values, and other psychographics that help target user behavior.
5 TWITTER FEED DISRUPTION Twitter Feed Disruption
Stopping and disrupting a social media user as he/she scrolls their way down the twitter feed is no easy feat – but we know how to disrupt the user with engaging display ads and autoplay features.
6 Generating Social Interactions
Generating Social Interactions
Search Engine’s are now beginning to prioritize social engagements and interactions with your online content. Make sure you are generating likes and shares and not just clicks and reads.
7 Optimized Post Rates
Optimized Post Rates
Each unique social platform has its own ideal post rate – we know how to identify the best threshold of post rates to make sure each post maximizes its engagements without stealing from other posts.
8 Magnetizing Tweets & #Hashtags
Magnetizing Tweets & #Hashtags
#Hashtags are becoming as vital to the social media industry as keywords are to search optimization. From branding to features, make sure you are targeting the top tags in your tweets.

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Directive is a comprehensive search marketing agency dedicated to running the most innovative search campaigns for ROI-driven B2B firms across a variety of industries.

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