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Grow Your Small Business With Innovative Online Marketing

Getting traction online and growing via marketing can be a challenge for SMBs. An Enterprise or even Mid-Market strategy can look good on paper (or a Google doc), but will often not perform well for an SMB. Knowing this, we focus on the foundations of online marketing with our SMB clients. This creates a strategy that builds on itself over time and achieves business growth.

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Our Approach to Growing Your SMB Online

Listen to You
We take the time to understand your marketing goals as well as past successes and failures. This conversation allows us to hit the ground running in the right direction.
Research Your Competitors
Our transparent approach to SEO, PPC, and content marketing is based on the current state of your industries online competitiveness. We audit all of your competitors so that we know exactly what it will take for you to gain search engine market share.
Strategize Successful Campaigns
Every SMB account comes with a unique challenge. Whether you have new website that is hard to rank or a value prop that is a challenge to communicate, we stick to the drawing board until we solve your challenges with a killer strategy.
Implement Your Solutions
Starting from the ground up, we make sure all of the boxes are checked for you to have a healthy online marketing foundation within the first 30-days. From there, we begin implementing more advanced tactics and processes that allow you to continuously grow.
Optimize Every Week
With data coming in on a daily basis, we can adjust your campaigns and strategies every week. Whether it’s a landing page A/B test or new keyword rankings, your account will always be aiming towards improvement.
Track Your Results
Decisions can’t be made without thorough tracking and quality data. We have developed a custom dashboard that directly correlates marketing efforts to revenue generated. This solves the age-old problem of wondering if your online marketing is working.

“We were blown away by the team's knowledge and ability to hit the ground running. They are well versed on the most modern tools which is critical in such a dynamic industry. Highly recommend getting them to help people find your business online!”

Rhett Molitor Basis365

“I have 2 companies that I've entrusted Directive Consulting with to handle all the SEO management. They are very thorough, honest and responsive. I especially appreciate the detailed reporting that I get on a regular basis.”

Steve Schwetz Mesa Property Management & My Cleaning Lady

Proven Solutions

SEO for Small Business

SEO can often be a challenge for small businesses because of the lack of authority that your website has. We understand this and take immediate action, increasing the authority of our client’s websites through modern link building tactics. We constantly adjust your keyword targeting so that you can rank for more and more competitive keywords.

We recently increased organic traffic by 40% for a small business manufacturing company.

PPC for Small Business

In order to achieve a high return on ad spend, we develop a custom landing page for your Adwords campaigns and optimize it on a weekly basis. With custom ad copy for every keyword in your account, we will strive to provide you with a best in class small business marketing service.

Our PPC campaigns gave a small business software client a 457% increase in paid leads.

Content Marketing for Small Business

A strong content marketing strategy allows a business to have a voice within their industry, no matter their size. We will provide you with top of the line content that answers the questions and provides the resources that your target market is searching for. This is a great way to introduce your brand to the right people at the right time.

Our Content Marketing Solutions Supported An Increase In Organic Lead Volume of 129% for a small business medical service provider.

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