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Social Media and SEO

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Social Media and SEO – The Connection between Your Site, Social Media, and SEO

Social media has grown in importance in recent years. It’s no longer just a tool for you to stay in contact with friends. Businesses have steadily warmed up to the idea of using social media as a promotion tool. Google has also been quick to recognize the importance of social media and SEO in its goal of creating a search index that reflects real website popularity.

Your site needs to be shareable through social media. More shares=higher rank.

The Root of SEO Today

We first need to understand what the biggest influence on Social Media and SEO is today. It’s not keywords, it’s not lots of links, and it’s not about PR; it’s about interaction between the end-user and the publisher.

The more popular a piece of content is within social media circles, the more Social Media and SEO benefits the website is going to receive. As already mentioned, Google wants its results to reflect true human popularity. Social media popularity is the closest thing they have to this

What Every Site Needs

Now that we know about the importance of social media and the root of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s time to concentrate on what every site needs.

A blog doesn’t require as much as you think. Write the same high-quality content you always do. Make it easily shareable. All you have to do is provide a bar of social media sharing buttons at the bottom.

With the vehicle to share in place, tell your readers exactly what you want them to do. A call to action at the bottom of your content will inform anyone who reads exactly what you want them to do.

Research has shown these two actions can increase sharing rates many times over. Most people prefer to comment on social media through their actual social media accounts over commenting directly on the website.

What Should You Target? 

In terms of social media accounts, you choose the ones that best suit your business. After the obligatory Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts, it’s up to you. For example, a site offering professional services would sign up for LinkedIn, whereas a creative services website might sign up for Pinterest.

How Do You Do this Efficiently?  Check out this article

Enjoy and start sharing so that you build your connection between Social Media and SEO!