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Targeted Email Marketing Services

Targeted Email Marketing Services

Targeting your email marketing services is a necessity. (learn more about our solution) Unfortunately, it is tough to even know where to begin. Hopefully this post will provide you with a basic roadmap to success.

Step 1: Analyze Past Sales Data

By understanding who you have done business with in the past you will be able to better project who is your target market for the future. Look for metrics such as age, location, industry, and time of year. All of these metrics will help you to better understand the best way to touch your target market.

Step 2: Leverage Your Client Base

We all have a personal email list. You can leverage that and still protect your relationship. It just comes down to how you frame it. A personal email message with a nice unique touch can be the difference maker for creating word of mouth marketing. Your friends are your most likely brand advocates ignoring them is a silly mistake.

Step 3: Designing the Email

If you want to have a high open rate and a persuasive click thru rate the design is key. At Directive Consulting, we advocate for simple, clear, and concise. Nobody wants to read through decades of text. Utilize powerful visuals that directly relate to your message. We have compiled some of our favorites here. 

Step 4: The Follow Up

Following up with your initial contact is essential. When an user opens an email, it is not the end of the story. By simply opening the email, they have shown interest in your services. It is essential that you repeatedly touch your contact in a consistent and unique way. We all love reminders. Well, maybe we don’t love them, but we definitely need them.

Here are some ways you can follow-up:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Voice Message
  • Direct Mail
  • Personal Visit

All of these follow-up methods provide a great way to get feedback on your initial touch and allow for a relationship to bloom. Never negate the power of a relationship. Best of luck with your targeted email marketing!

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  • Tim

    Cool post. Simple & Direct.
    I think that you could have expanded on the idea of email design, especially focusing on the importance of a strong CTA and the UX/UI roadmap of the user…what causes them to act once opened? What is the next touch point (landing page, website, etc.)? Do different target audiences receive different versions of the email (targeted messaging, CTAs, offers)?
    Email is a powerful and complex tool of engagement-great that your team is focusing on it as another effective channel! I’d love to see another post that dives deeper into email design and why targeting matters.

    • Great points Tim!

      You got me excited about delving deeper in those areas.

      I think we could also expand upon tone of voice consistency.

      • Tim

        looking forward to your next posts!

  • Tim

    Hey Garrett,

    Sorry to come back to this, but do you think marketers have ruined email marketing? What are some ways we can keep email fresh going into 2015?

    Thanks mate!

    • I think that email marketing has become harder, but I don’t think it’s ruined.

      Moving towards 2015, I believe that smarter email automation combined with consistent touching will still prevail.