So you’ve been faithfully posting to your blog twice a week and yet you’re receiving minimal results. A few extra page views and one or two likes on Facebook from your extra supportive cousin.

“Is having a blog even worth it?” you’re thinking, “It seems like a waste of time.”

I’m here to tell you that maintaining a blog for your business is not a waste of time. When done right, creating blog content for your website can yield amazing, tangible results.

THINK: Shareable first, SEO second.

When it comes to creating shareable content that will actually get you results, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

Consider Your Audience

A large part of creating shareable content is knowing who you’re writing for. I don’t just mean who your target market is, that’s rookie stuff.

Dig deeper.

Each blog post you write should be written for a specific group of people so that when you go to set your targeting in Facebook, you know what audience you want it to reach.

When it comes to picking your audience, be specific. Don’t just think: I have an automotive repair business so my audience is men. Instead think: I have an auto repair business so while my target demographic for my services is generally men, for this specific article I’m going to target Fathers with sons under the age of 15. The more specific, the better you’ll be able to target, and the more you’ll get for your dollar.

If you don’t fully understand, that’s okay- keep reading.

Industry Relevant, not Industry Specific

A huge mistake that I often see business blogs make is that they try to tailor their blog posts to the specific services that their business has to offer when they should be tailoring the content to what their audience wants to read. For example, if you have an automotive repair shop, you shouldn’t be writing, “The Absolute Best Brands of Electronic Timing Controllers.” Now sure, maybe a couple people will click on that. But chances are, if they know what an electric timing controller is, they don’t even need a mechanic. The article that you should be writing should be industry relevant without being too industry specific. So the better article would then be: “The Ultimate List of Father-Son Bonding Activities on a Budget.” In this article, you could list a lot of things, and one of the things could be fixing cars, where you could then link to your automotive repair business.

*Note how I considered my audience of “Fathers with younger sons” in the title.

sharable content

Keep It Current

A great way to get a lot of likes, comments, and shares, is by not only by considering your audience and being industry relevant, but also keeping your blog current. If you’re an expert in your field, this gives you a leg up, you most likely already know what’s going on in your industry. But for us marketing guys and freelance content writers, we aren’t always up to date with every industry that we may be writing for. For us, a great way to go about finding industry relevant material is by running a Google news search. With this search, you’re able to see what the biggest topics are in the industry and you’re able to come up with unique content ideas that way.

Another way to go about staying current is by searching what holidays are in that month and seeing if there are any holidays that relate to your industry. (You’d be surprised, there are some pretty random holidays)

Don’t Repeat Old Information but, Add New Spin

Before writing your article, run your idea through a search engine. If there are more than ten recent articles written on the exact same thing, try a different topic or adding a unique spin. Repeating old information isn’t only boring and bad content marketing, it’s plagiarism. If you’re writing for a coffee shop and you wanted to write “3 Different Ways to Drink Coffee” I can guarantee that has already been written a hundred times. But you know what probably hasn’t “3 Different Ways to Drink Coffee and The Best Times to Drink Them”

It’s All in the Title

Even though we are taught from a young age to not judge a book by its cover, it doesn’t mean we don’t all do it. If you don’t have an engaging title, why should your reader believe that you have engaging content.

Make your title stand out. If you’re having trouble coming up with a brilliant title worthy of a billion clicks, check out Portent’s Title Generator.

shareable content

(On the same note, your featured image that is displayed on your Facebook Ad, should be captivating. It should tell a story itself. People LOVE pictures.)

Without Good Targeting, All of Your Efforts Have Been Done in Vain

Now that you’ve done all of the grunt work, it’s time to get your article the results it deserves. Now if you don’t pay attention to this step, then all of the other steps have been done in vain.

The key to good targeting, is actually selecting your target audience before you write your article. Make your target audience as specific as possible and make sure that you’re not only utilizing the “age” and “location” buttons, but pay close attention to the “interests” section as well. This is where you have to be smart.

Ask yourself, “What is my target audience interested in?” Am I writing an article about Music? Then I should probably target people that are interested in Spotify, ITunes, and YouTube. Am I writing an article that is targeting mothers? I should probably target people that are interested in Parenthood Magazine and a few prominent parenting blogs.

Be smart. Be specific.

For more information on what it takes to target brilliantly, check out this amazing article.

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