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The Importance of Your Blog’s Platform for SEO

The Importance of Your Blog’s Platform for SEO

The Platform Your Blog is Hosted On is Important

The importance of your blog’s platform for SEO is immense. When I first started blogging I used Blogspot. It was simple. I could understand it. It looked cool. These are all positives that Blogspot delivers. Unfortunately, it limits your SEO.

e3 Legacy is a family missions organization that dedicates themselves to promoting family missions. They have a wonderful blog that summarizes the great work they are doing. We love their content. We love their passion. We do not love the platform.

Because of the importance of your blog’s platform for SEO, we usually recommend that our clients use WordPress; however, we often see clients using other platforms. SEO can still be improved on sites not operating on WordPress, but things just can get a little more challenging.

General SEO Recommendations

  1. Switch to WordPress or Squarespace.
  2. If WordPress is chosen, utilize Yoast (an SEO plugin.)

Specific SEO Recommendations

  1. Add a meta description tags (this can easily be done through SEO plugins in Worpress and require no knowledge of coding.)
  2. Add media queries to allow for mobile responsiveness (most new themes come with this included.)
  3. Increase Social Media Activity. Here is a great article on how this can be achieved even with a busy schedule!
  4. Use your keywords more often: family missions, families on mission, legacy of missions, etc.  seo detectives
  5. Set ALT tags for all images that use the key words above. Here is a great article on why this is important.
  6. Rewrite URLs and remove underscores. Search engines like pretty URLs!

Optional SEO Recommendations

  1. Combine the external Javascript files to improve load speed. ( can be easily done with W3Total Cache.)

e3 Legacy has a great blog with amazing content. The growth of the blog, unfortunately, is limited by its platform. With a simple platform change, e3 Legacy will be able to better leverage their best asset: content.

Keep up the great work e3 Legacy and remember the importance of your blog’s platform for SEO!