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The Resurrection of Content Marketing

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The Resurrection of Content Marketing

The online marketing environment is in a state of upheaval. Since Google’s Penguin update, the days of cramming your website with as many keywords as possible have come and gone.  With their reader first approach, Google is focused on delivering results that reflect the content of what you are searching for not just keywords. For example, when you type “how to run a successful SEO campaign” you are not going to get a website called “howtorunasuccessfulSEOcampaign.com”; instead, you are going to see articles that explain “how to run a successful SEO campaign”.

Why is this important? 

As a business owner wanting to driving more leads and sales to your business through your online presence, it is essential that you understand a few things. First, Google will index you higher if you are delivering quality content to your readers, not just keywords. Second, it is important to understand what phrases not keywords are being searched for. At our company, Directive Consulting, we use a great tool called Long Tail Pro. It is simple to use and allows you to filter for phrases that have low competition and high local searches and write articles that deliver quality content.

Once you have identified top phrases, the next step is to decide how often you will write. It should be the goal in your content marketing campaign to write at least two blog articles a week. Additionally, you will want to identify the top 10 phrases you wish to rank for. These ten phrases will be the cornerstone pages of your content marketing campaign. Cornerstone pages serve to drive traffic to your site and if optimized correctly can position you to, not only be a thought leader in your field; but also, generate leads and increase your business’s sales.

Lastly, it is pertinent to perform a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit of your site. At Directive Consulting, we use a software called SEO Site Checkup. You simply need to type-in your website’s URL, click Checkup, and watch the magic happen! You will be delivered with a full SEO audit of your site that earns you a rank of “A” to “F” just like in grade school. Additionally, you will also be supplied with actionable steps to improve your google rank.


In order to achieve success in your content marketing campaign, you will need to be one thing…CONSISTENT. If you feel that consistency might be barrier to your content marketing success please contact Directive Consulting.