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The Three Circles of Development

The Three Circles of Development

 The Three Circles of Development

Consistency is essential for growth to occur. Just as athletes must train daily for hours upon hours, it is essential that as marketers we are daily honing our skills. The greatest asset we posses for our development is consistency. In the infographic above and below, we have created what we deem to be the three circles of development: Read. Engage. Create.

Circles of Development: Read

I am not sure when reading became extinct, but I am fairly sure we can blame it on the Kardashians. Regardless, reading is a non-negotiable for development. These statistics on reading in the US are quite revealing:

Reading Statistics
Total percent of U.S. population that has specific reading disorders 15%
Total percentage of american adults who can’t understand the labels on their prescriptions 46%
Total percent of young people who claim they read more than 10 books a year 56%
Total percentage of U.S. adults who are unable to read an 8th grade level book 50%
Total amount of words read annually by a person who reads 15 minutes a day    1 million
Total percent of U.S. high school graduates who will never read a book after high school 33%
Total percentage of college students who will never read another book after they graduate 42%
Total percentage of U.S. families who did not buy a book this year 80%
Total percentage of adults that have not been in a book store in the past 5 years 70%
Total percentage of books started that aren’t read to completion 57%
Total percent of U.S. students that are dyslexic 15%
Total percentage of NASA employees that are dyslexic 50%
Total percentage of U.S. inmates that are literate 15%

Resources we love: 

Circles of Development: Engage

Engaging with your industry is essential for your quest towards brand development. Whether it is starting a LinkedIn Group, asking questions on Twitter, or commenting on blogs and forums, engaging is a non-negotiable. Yes, I said it: commenting.  While commenting on blogs and forums is 99.9% of the time a spammy practice, the .01% out there who actually read, articulate, and respond are able to make significant strides towards brand development.

Don’t believe me?

Circles of Development: Create

The creators rule the internet and us sheep of the internet, who love to retweet, favorite, and share are missing out. Granted, I struggle with this as well. But, when I am constantly reading and engaging the creation of content comes far easier. Content has a tendency to breed content. What gets you going? What has you breathing passionate fire? Introspectively identify whatever that is and create. Sit down, and WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. Start writing just once a week and go from there.

Not into writing, but still want to create? 

In conclusion, be consistent and remember the three circles of development: Read. Engage. Create.

Feel free to print or share the infographic 🙂

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