“The success of Directive’s clients isn’t based on Directive — it’s based on the client and we need to do the best we can to empower them. What better way to pour into and build a relationship with the champion — the person you’re going to working with every day once that contract closes.

In closing, success is champion driven. Yes, the decision maker signs the contract but if we looked at the time we spend with champion and decision-maker — not only in the sales process but also in the life cycle of the relationship — I can’t stress how important it is for you to have the perspective, as a marketer, that the champion is the most important — not the decision maker.

We should be targeting the champion with our ads, we should be speaking language that resonates with the champion, and we should have materials that support that champion so that they look great internally.”

– Garrett Mehrguth
CEO and Co-Founder of Directive

Twitter: @gmehrguth
LinkedIn: Garrett Mehrguth

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