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Tips For Your Next Meetup Event

Tips For Your Next Meetup Event

Meetup has done something special. They have created a service that not only serves as a portal for your event; but also, generates the demand for your event for a fee we can all afford.

Wow. Thanks.

The question is now how do you create a portal that is visually enticing, search engine optimized, and has a unique meetup offering?

Visually Stimulating Your Meetup Page

We all like a pretty website. In the same way, everyone likes a pretty Meetup portal. Fortunately, there is not a ton of design work needed. To create a visually stimulating Meetup page you need three things:

  1. A logo
  2. A banner
  3. A unique image

There are many groups out there. These three things will help differentiate you.

Choose Your URL Wisely

A very unique and awesome thing about Meetup from an SEO perspective is they let you customize your URL. Why is this important? because exact match domains still flex some muscle in local searches and almost all Meetups are localized. When you are deciding your URL you can use a free tool called keywordtool.io.

For our Meetup group in Orange County we use the custom URL feature to help with branding as well as with SEO.

Create a Unique Product Offering

Chances are your local market is already saturated with Meetup events. To make a splash in a big pond it will be important that you offer something unique. For Directive Consulting’s Meetup group, we are trying to solve a market need. It is difficult to get free help for your startup and you can rarely get all the different types of help you need at once. Because of this, we created The Orange County Incubator or The OCi.

We created a unique group that met a need. Look internally at your own company and community and ask yourself: What do I wish existed? We rarely have unique problems. Service the need and you will service your own need. A unique Meetup is a great way to brand your company or organization in your locality.

Best of luck with your Meetup and if you are Orange County, CA swing by our next event!

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