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As a business owner, you want your content to be seen in order to drive traffic towards your website, but is the investment in boosting worth every click?

Due to the algorithm change on Facebook, it’s not as easy as before to get your content to show up on your audience’s news feeds. In fact, it’s much more competitive today since most businesses invest in Facebook Ads.

If your business is not investing in an active Facebook page, you are missing an opportunity to reach approximately 750,000,000 unique visitors a month on the world’s largest social networking site.”  Ebizmba

There are definitely cheaper alternatives that can produce similar results, but that could cost you more time and money on the long run.

To help you decide on whether boosting is for you, I’ve created this short guide listing the Pros and Cons of boosting content on Facebook.

Create a Facebook Ad About Almost Anything: Pros & Cons

Although if, hypothetically, you were planning on selling cannabis containers to users on Facebook, your luck is about to get shot down by the Facebook Feds.

On top of that, images with business logos, info-graphs, or an image that has text on 20% of it will be denied as well.

Other than the obvious stuff like nudity and other inappropriate posts, anything else goes.

Pro: You Don’t Need to Spend Too Much to Get a Good Reach/Impression

Fortunately, you can spend $5 a day and still receive a great amount of interaction online. Although I do recommend that you spend more than once a month to create a big enough impression on your audience.

With the right targeting, you can reach out to a good thousand users spending just a few bucks a day, but…

Con: Facebook May Limit Your Interests and Amount of Reach Depending on How Much You Spend

Facebook has a small glitch in where they may limit your target interests if you don’t spend enough according to their budget.

Pro: Facebook Keeps Track of Nearly Everything That Happens on Your Ad

Facebook Analytics offer more than just how many likes your post has. On their Ad Manager under ‘Customize Columns’, you’re able to view categories such as Cost Per Engagement to as far as how many unique clicks you’ve received on a single Ad.

Facebook has created simple charts that keep track of your Ads so that you can see exactly what you’re investing your money in.

It’s fairly Easy to Use

Although the Facebook Ad Manager can be complicated to navigate through, they recently released a new update to fix that issue. There are currently charts that help you depict exactly how much you have spent on a single day throughout the week. They have also included new categories to help you sort through your analytic results about your audience engagements.

The new update is still in the works, but it seems like Facebook is finally cleaning their messy navigation.

With just a few bucks a day you can create a Facebook Ad on almost anything and reach a fair amount of your target audience. The Ad Manager is also very easy to use and has recently been upgraded for easier navigation and sorting. There are a few glitches on Facebook that discourage users from spending less than $10 a day, but the reach on just a few bucks can go pretty far.

Most small businesses are investing in Facebook today and the generated results might just be worth it depending on your marketing goals.

If you have any other tips and tricks for using Facebook Ad’s, leave us a comment below!

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