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Traveling and Working: A Few Tips for the Non-Vacationers

Traveling and Working: A Few Tips for the Non-Vacationers

Traveling and Working: A Few Tips for the Non-Vacationers

I am currently in my hotel room in Munich, Germany writing this post

As a business owner, traveling abroad is tough if not impossible. You are not at home, you are away from your wife or girlfriend, you do not have your routine…but the show must continue. This post outlines a few tips and insights for traveling abroad.

Tip #1: Take a Deep Breath (I’m not so great at this part)

If you are correctly empowering your employees and have the corporate structure in place then traveling and working should be manageable. Micromanaging and traveling don’t work. Empowering and traveling can cause growth.

If you are not empowering quite yet, try giving your top employee a few accounts to manage or an operation to improve. Build trust and build their expertise. In return, grow your organization.

Tip #2: Get a Skype Number

I spent hours researching options for communication while I am working and traveling. My suggestion: get a Skype number. The whole purchase cost me under $10 because of Skype’s current promotion.

The reason I suggest getting a Skype number is simple. Your clients still want to call you and they might not all want to use nor have Skype. What a Skype number lets you do is receive calls from anyone’s line for free over wi-fi.

So, before you leave simply send your clients a farewell email and leave them your Skype number….only if they need to reach you for PERTINENT issues while you are abroad.  If you operate on retainers communication during these “unique” situations will be incredibly beneficial.

Tip #3: Enjoy yourself, Learn from other Businesses

Traveling and working internationally allows for massive amounts of data intake. All of this stimulus can potentially lead to “Awe Hah” moments. As captain of the ship, traveling can allow for that separation that is sometimes needed for creative maximization.

In conclusion, traveling is not a bad thing if the proper steps are taken.

Globalization has given us the tools needed to maintain or even increase growth in our absence. Now, it is your responsibility to harness the tools at your disposal and empower those around you.

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