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Increase Your Twitter Followers With Our Custom Strategy

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The Twitter Strategy Described


The key to gaining followers on twitter and building your brand is understanding your target audience and engaging with them. Our unique strategy is based on a Give to Get model. Best of all, it is SIMPLE.

The strategy will outline the necessary steps for building your audience and expanding your network to GENERATE SALES. Notice that there are many strategies and services out there on that will “give you 3000 followers” these are not the kind of followers our strategy targets.

Instead, our revolutionary strategy targets real-life individuals who are already active in your market and who can boost your awareness, market presence, influence, sales, and credibility!

Think of your brand as a savings account, and the sooner you start saving the quicker your money will start working for you instead of you working for the money!

Please order today and let us help build your brand and leverage your greatest asset…Yourself.

Background on Directive Consulting



Our Story:

We are a team of talented aspiring MBA’s who have always been fascinated with the idea of improving businesses. We truly believe the moment we stop learning new things in business we have stopped doing business. We are convicted that complacency is the enemy. We dedicate ourselves to family, friends, and our work. We deem it pure bliss to meet with you, learn about your business, and eventually earn your trust.

What We Do:

At Directive Consulting, we work within the entire life cycle of a product or service. In short, we offer consulting, developing, and marketing. We service a wide variety of customers, from established companies all the way to new start ups.  The services we offer for these companies is just as diverse, from start ups developing mobile applications to auto mechanics looking to grow their online presence through digital marketing. If you are looking to chat with industry experts, grow your businesses digital presence, or even innovate a new product or service we have a unique solution for you.

What Our Customers are Saying

Fantastic content, easy to use and understand. What was a headache for me is now a powerful tool. Thank you Thank you Thank you!



Really great, very valuable information and loads of extras. Will be in touch for more stuff soon.


Media Raft

Excellent service and very useful strategy, I’m definitely recommending for small business owners to spend their money here. Thank you!


Web UnLeash

The twitter strategy is absolutely AWESOME!! Delivered way beyond my expectations and I feel like I actually have a framework that I can follow and help manage my twitter which sometimes feels very overwhelming!



Don’t Let Your Twitter Suffer Any Longer!