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UX Design Process Steps

What is a UX design process? Well, a UX design process is when you create a product or service from the perspective of your user/consumer. The UX design process has many steps. The trick is taking smaller steps.

Tools You Will Need

Step 1: Conceptualize

design UX steps

Conceptualizing your plan will allow you to have a reference point for development. It is essential that conceptualization occurs. Whenever your team is designing your new product or service two things must occur: the user must be the priority and the design must align with the concept.

If your design forgets either the user experience or strays from the original concept, you are positioning yourself to fail. A user can sense discrepancies and a drop off/bounce rate is inevitable. Thus, it is essential that your design matches the elements of your conceptualization. Below are a few examples of what conceptualization can look like:

  • Core Purpose
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Vision

Step 2: Structuring your Board

UX design is inherently focused on the user. The steps for the design need to be formulated as such. For structuring, we suggest Trello. Trello allows you to create columns and easily move the elements of your design. In addition, it allows you to create timelines within each step of your plan for development.

UX Design Timeline

The “secret sauce” is doing less…We only design one aspect at a time. For example, at Directive Consulting, we like to create three columns: To-Do, Doing, Done. When we start an element, we move the element from “To Do” to “Doing”, once it is complete we move it to “Done”.  We then move the next element from “To Do” to “Doing”…

Rinse and Repeat.

UX Design Steps

Step 3: Integrating the Team

The “cloud” is awesome. Utilizing live documents through the “cloud” allows your team to be streamlined for synergistic development. From google docs, your team can leave comments and even chat within the google document. Revisions can even be reviewed.

This cloud document also serves as the document for the wireframing of your design. Often times, we like to use bullet points for development. If an element of design cannot be simplified to a single sentence then you need to reconsider that element of design. A successful UX design process simplifies to the point of pain.

Your UX Design process is only a few steps away from completion. Remember, less is more and be consistent.

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